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Eternal Dino



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Once upon a time, they are the king of the world. They are dinosaurs. These prehistoric beasts roamed the earth a hundred million years and were extinct due to a giant meteor blasts an enormous crater into Earth's surface. You probably thought they are not alive anymore; however they may just hide and stay in somewhere instead.

If you were dreaming to be a paleontologist or wondered what it would be like to walk with dinosaurs, come to the world of Eternal Dino! You can see the rocks surround with the walking long necks Diplodocuses, flying Pterodactyls travel to the jungle, T-Rexes go through the desert and Triceratops across the frozen tundra, with stops on a sandy beach.

Any win can trigger respin and respin can be won indefinitely. Free Spin can be triggered unlimited times!

Consecutive wins make you win mega prize!

Let all of these incredible dinosaurs bring you the huge prize and roam with power!

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Eternal Dino

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