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Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl [2021]

How to use Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl to flash your Android device

If you want to customize your Android device with custom ROMs, root access, or other modifications, you need a tool that can flash your device with the desired firmware. One of the most popular tools for this purpose is Flashtool, a software that can flash various Android devices with different chipsets and operating systems.

Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl

In this article, we will show you how to use Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl, an older version of Flashtool that works with some devices that are not supported by the newer versions. We will also explain what Flashtool is, what are its features and requirements, and where to download it.

What is Flashtool?

Flashtool is a software that allows you to flash your Android device with custom or stock firmware. It can also perform other tasks such as backup and restore, unlock bootloader, root, install recovery, and more. Flashtool supports a wide range of devices from different manufacturers, such as Sony, Motorola, LG, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and others.

Flashtool is developed by Androxyde, a member of the XDA Developers community. The latest version of Flashtool is, which was released in 2015. However, some users prefer to use older versions of Flashtool, such as 0.6.6 Windowsl, because they work better with certain devices or firmware.

What are the features of Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl?

Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl has the following features:

  • It can flash FTF (Flash Tool Firmware) files to your device.

  • It can flash kernel and recovery images to your device.

  • It can root your device with SuperSU or Superuser.

  • It can unlock your bootloader and relock it if needed.

  • It can backup and restore your TA partition (which contains DRM keys and other important data).

  • It can wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache from your device.

  • It can install busybox and custom apps to your device.

  • It can edit build.prop and other system files on your device.

What are the requirements to use Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl?

To use Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl, you need the following:

  • A Windows PC with USB drivers installed for your device.

  • A USB cable to connect your device to your PC.

  • A compatible Android device that is supported by Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl.

  • A FTF file or a kernel/recovery image that you want to flash to your device.

  • A backup of your data and system in case something goes wrong.

Where to download Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl?

You can download Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl from the following link:

flashtool- - Google Drive

How to use Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl to flash your Android device?

To use Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl to flash your Android device, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Flashtool 0.6.6 Windowsl on your PC.

  • Download and copy the FTF file or the kernel/recovery image that you want to flash to your device to the firmware folder inside the Flashtool folder on your PC.

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