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John Ayers


The TTS.M7P06.301x is an on-the-table extension module (EXT) which is available in different sizes. It consists of a laservision standard BARRIER M7P06 and is equipped on both sides with the E25 flex joint hinge and aluminum profiles. It can be reordered at any time to expand the on-the-table system. With the flex-joint hinge, the system can be folded flexibly and is light and laser-proof at all times. Thanks to the special profile, the structure can be folded up very flat and stored in a space-saving manner. The standard barrier M7P06 is certified according to EN60825-4. The on-the-table system is intended for self-assembly in laboratories and facilities. All necessary screws are included in the scope of delivery.


The AZIMUTH 301x Series - Our Most Powerful Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapper, perfect tool to increase productivity in any warehouse. The AZIMUTH 301 Series - is a reliable Stretch Wrapping Machine with a 4,000 pound capacity, chain driven steel turntable. 041b061a72


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