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Natalya Sheremet

I've been using AirPlay to mirror my Mac's screen to my TV for quite some time, so I can share some observations. First, the picture quality can really depend on several factors. If you have a weak Wi-Fi connection, there can be delays and degradation in picture quality. This is especially noticeable if you're streaming high-definition video or playing games. It's also important to remember that AirPlay works better with devices that are officially supported by Apple, such as Apple TV. Many modern smart TVs, such as those from Samsung and LG, also support AirPlay, but you may run into issues with older models. Another consideration is the macOS version. Newer versions usually bring improvements in AirPlay stability and functionality, so it's best to always keep your system updated. Older versions of macOS may have bugs or less stable performance. Regarding Mac models, I haven't noticed any meaningful differences in performance, but again, the newer the device, the better it will do. If you do run into problems, I recommend trying the download juststream service. It offers an alternative way of mirroring your screen and works with a wider range of devices, which can be useful if your TV isn't fully AirPlay compatible. So if you have latency or quality issues, this service might be a good alternative.


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