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Buy Microsoft Office Teacher Discount

The Microsoft Office suite of programs has become a must have for every student and teacher. But the regular license can often be expensive for most schools to provide for all students. In recent years, Microsoft has been offering students a deep discount to its products including Microsoft Office. With this discount students can get a mush cheaper version of the program and in some cases even be able to get it for free. In this article, we take a look at the Microsoft Office for Mac Student discount and how to access it. We will also share with you another very important program that very student should have.

buy microsoft office teacher discount

A.C. Moore: They have an excellent discount program for teachers which gives a flat 15% off all regular and sale price orders. Just present your teacher ID or pay-stub when checking out in-store.

The Container Store: A good teacher is an organized teacher and The Container Store has an Organized Teacher Discount Program which allows teachers to sign-up for free and receive various exclusive coupons and discounts all year long.

Bose: Bose has long been known for their liberal discounts for teachers on their speakers and music consoles. They are constantly changing offers so be sure to call them at 1-800-353-4207 and ask what they have available.

The Container Store has generously discontinued their teacher discount as of last year. Now, you have to subscribe via email. You have to hope that they send you a coupon for an individual item before you go shopping, and that it does not expire before you go, because they do not offer a discount otherwise to teachers. If you ask about the teacher discount in store or via their customer service number, they are rude, obnoxious and treat you like a beggar instead of a hardworking teacher who spends hundreds of personal $ on their classroom wax year and deserves a discount. 041b061a72


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