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Hikvision Firmware REPACK Download

IMPORTANT! This model requires non-standard firmware. Do Not Install standard firmware (e.g. v.4.1.xx) on this model. Doing so will permanently damage your system. You must use custom firmware v.4.1.25 from the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S product page.

Hikvision Firmware Download

The I-series NVR (such as the DS-7716NI-I4) is one of Hikvision's most popular and feature-rich recorders. As such, many firmware revisions have been introduced over the years to continually ensure the product is compatible with the newest technology available. Due to the many revisions, we recommend that the user closely follows the instructions below in order to reduce the amount of time spent as well as the chance of failure.

As more affordable IP cameras are introduced over time with greater video resolution and data sizes, more efficient database management also becomes necessary. The introduction of firmware v4.0 brought about a new database architecture in order to be futureproof.

View the most updated version of this document here:K-Series DVR upgrade instructionThe Turbo 4 Hybrid DVR K series has multiple models and across different platform and chipset. It also has similar firmware development of other recording product line; DVR K series has also introduced the GUI4.0 to ensure the series to be compatible to the newest technology available. The new database architecture is also brought into the DVR firmware v4.0 to be future proof and for better recording search experience.

As more affordable cameras introduced over time with greater video resolution and data sizes, more efficient database management also becomes necessary. The introduction of firmware v4.0 brought about a new database architecture in order to be futureproof.After upgrading to v4.X, the recorder database will need to be converted and optimize. If you are experiencing issues, where playback is expected but not found, please make sure to perform "Database Rebuild" as indicated in the procedures and scenarios below.

If the data has not been recorded or has been overwritten, Database rebuild process is not able retrieve those lost data. Have the system upgraded to the latest available firmware version above to prevent any future data lost is strongly recommended for all application.

Hikvision regularly updates the firmware in our products to resolve potential issues and keep your system running smoothly. Below, you can find guidance on how to update your system accordingly.Updating Hikvision IP Camera FirmwareTo upgrade the firmware of a Hikvision IP camera, please follow the steps below:

Click here to see a video tutorial of the above steps.Upgrading Hikvision DVR/NVR FirmwareTo upgrade the firmware of a Hikvision DVR or NVR, please follow the steps below:

Click here to see a video tutorial of the above steps.FURTHER ASSISTANCEIf you need further assistance with changing passwords, technical bulletins, or related downloads, please contact Hikvision USA Technical Support at 909-612-9039 (phone) or (email). For Hikvision Canada Technical Support, call 855-655-9888.

Following the recent security notification regarding a command injection vulnerability in the web server of some Hikvision products, we have developed patches to fix the issue. You can download the fixed firmware of the affected versions here:

For this procedure, you need (1) the latest firmware for your recorder, (2) a formatted and empty USB flash drive, (3) access to a computer with internet connection, and (4) a valid email address.

Step 1. To upgrade your recorder to the latest firmware, call our Technical Support at 1-888-425-6739 and request for your recorder's latest firmware. When calling, make sure you have your recorder's the correct model number and a valid email address at hand. We will send the firmware download link via email. NOTE: The download link will expire in a specified period of time.

Step 4. Verify that you have the correct firmware, then remove the USB flash drive from your computer, and insert it back into one of the USB ports on your recorder.

To understand why we update the firmware understand why we update the android version of our mobile. Obviously, To get more features. In a similar way, we want to get more new features into all devices so we will update the firmware of the device. instead of this, sometimes we found the device is not working properly due to some error firmware or sometimes firmware has crashed so in that case also we have to update the firmware of the device.

Download the setup file of Batch Tool using the given link in the download section. Install it on your local computer. Now connect your device to the computer. (In case, You do not know How to connect DVR to computer).

My "BEST GUESS" is that the way the new "no default firmware are coded is for the first logon to the NVR is the default password and its immediately removed for use after you login to it for the first time (like a Samsung camera).

Had this exact same issue today. Hikvision said that the firmware I used was a baseline firmware and not for North American NVR's. They recommended that I follow there firmware flush procedure and downgrade the firmware. It blows my mind that this could happen. They need to work on the firmware upgrade process to prevent issues like this from happening as it causes a huge waste of time on the integrators end and hikvisions tech support end. Most other products would never let you upload an incorrect firmware to a product.

I've had the same issue and it bricked the device, TFTP upload of firmware wouldnt work because is asked for the wrong file (some Avigilon camera driver rather than the .dav file) - at least half my attempts at upgrading Hikvision firmware end up in disaster, their whole firmware process needs an overhaul, so many versions, you have to do them sequentially and you still dont know if its going to actually work.. Issues like you had are common but should not be like that. I avoid updating Hikvision firmware at all costs, but then new cameras wont work unless you do and its a security/performance issue if you do not. Its horrible

I've seen this issue at least a dozen times over the past few years. It's one of the only firmware issues that may brick your NVR/DVR. Everything else has a firmware check that tells you if the file mismatches/upgrade failed.

I've heard HIK say that cameras with non-North America firmware will behave poorly because that's there mechanism to stop illicit vendors from selling imports. Now giving you a gibberish user list doesn't sound reasonable, and by the way that awful importing vendor they referenced was Amazon.

The tool also provides some advanced facilities to extract the contents from the main body of a firmware upgrade file for inspection or further development. The tool can also re-package the updated changed or added contents into a new firmware update file that can be applied to the IP camera or NVR as a normal upgrade.

The steps are straightforward, but do need some care to be taken, and require an understanding that although the tool is reliable and has been tested, it may not take account of future changes such as the firmware update file structure being re-engineered, or new checksums being incorporated.

- Have available a Windows PC, with the Hikvision Support Tools package available, which mainly consists of a TFTP server and the instructions on how this can be used to recover a failed firmware update on an NVR or IP camera.


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