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John Ayers

Enemarotica Enema Video |VERIFIED|

Jodi was outrageous as "The Enema Queen", but herco-star, Crystal (aka "Snow White"), was a bewildered enema virgin atthe beginning of the video and didn't quite know what to make of all theaction. Ever since then, we've wanted to film Jodi playing with an experiencedenemate for more and better fireworks. Brandy, with her beautiful looks (andwarped sense of humour) was the obvious choice and this video pairs the two ofthem for a sexy (and hilarious) romp! Once again, The Collector was forced totear up the script and allow Jodi and Brandy to make it all up as they went.The hijinks and horsing around (or is that hosing around?) include everythingfrom a beer enema to an enema bag race to a high-pressure enema from a supersoaker squirtgun! And, of course, there are a couple of good expulsion scenes!It's two full hours of two full girls!

Enemarotica Enema Video

Does anyone else like to watch enema videos while taking an enema? For me, only or Anika Sondholm videos. I just want to see a girl taking an enema and that's it. And of course it must be real. I almost always have a video playing when I take an enema. Having an enema is good. But taking an enema while watching someone else take an enema is great!

I agree. The Collectors stuff is great to watch while taking an enema. I try to time mine with hers - who ever it may be. Kaz is the best and hard to duplicate. The way she wiggles her ass while getting filled is too much to bear sometimes.

I never have, but could really enjoy having a flatscreen installed on the wall facing the toilet. Sit back, relax, watch a good homemade enema flick (you know, the kind you always wanted to see), and release all that warm soapy water while your well-lubricated hand does the rest...........

Love the videos of mature women having one or giving one to a man or another woman. But for full appreciation of my warm flow I prefer still picture because the action videos are too distracting to concentrate on the wonderful enema feelings. Best is to watch videos first then when my amber bag is ready for me switch to still pictures.

All my videos are on the computer and with a laptop, you can put it pretty much anywhere. A tablet would probably work well too. For me, the laptop keyboard forms a base to hold the screen at the right angle whereas a tablet would have to be held. I never have any problem concentrating too much on the video. The video is a wonderful enhancement to an already great experience. I also try to time my enema with the model's as well. Insertion, filling, expel, etc. Never on quite the same schedule. But easy to skip ahead or back to get back in sync.

I love to watch a REAL enema while I take one. The collector's are real, but I really hate it when the model lays flat on her stomach with her legs together. You can't even tell she is a woman. Some of the newer ones are better. I like to see the woman on her back, legs spread, playing with herself. A vibrator in her vagina is good too! LOL A few actually show the model having an orgasm, but most look like they are doing their taxes, they could care less about what is happening. To me, that is a turn off.

Back in the late 70's Sherry Taylor had a TV monitor in each enema room at the Sherema Clinic. She would have Beth Tyler and other vids running while you got your enema and, later, your baby-oil hand jon.

I enjoy enemas and focus on the sensations of the lubing, insertion, warmth, and fullness while receiving them. But during holding time and in between enemas I like to come to this site to read, chat, & look at pictures.

When I'm doing solo enema play I often like to hold an enema. My usual target time is 30 minutes, and during that time I often sit at my old desktop and watch enema vids. I have several of Enemarotica's vids and enjoy them. It's also fun to try to find enema pics I haven't seen before on the internet . But it is a distraction to try to watch a video during the actual enema, I think. For me the distraction is desirable while holding the enema, but not while taking it.

Sometimes, when I am not writing messages or posts... I may watch a clip or two next time. I will have to search for some good ones. I am a bit picky when it comes to what I want to watch during an enema... at the moment I prefer the private clips I got from a friend, because they are real.

I have to agree with LisaK. Videos might be a distraction during an enema, but what about watching one before hand? Probably, if I watched a good enema video, I'd soon be dashing to the bathroom to dig out my equipment.

I usually start the session, dressed, by watching some vids or looking at pics/scrolling though tumblr or reading some stories. This gets me aroused. I then strip to underpants and sox and head into the BR and prepare the enema. I have a collection of photos I look through to further the stimulation, and then strip fully, insert the nozzle and start the flow. While filling up, I continue to peruse my pics. Recently, I have been using tumblr for this. I like looking at handsome guys in various stages of undress and some taking enemas. I fantasize how they would take their enema (compliant/fussing, cramping, how much they could hold versus me, reason for their enema [health, punishment], etc), or maybe them giving me the enema or my giving it to them. Unfortunately, my internet connection is very weak in the BR.


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