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iGaming Glossary

Casino Games


iGaming is an umbrella term which covers all forms of online betting. iGaming or online gaming is the wagering of money or some other value on the outcome of an event or a game, using the internet.

The term iGaming came as a shortening of "Internet Gambling" and was coined in the early 2000's when the popularity of online casinos just began to rise.

Whilst the term was initially most commonly associated with online poker rooms and online casinos it has evolved to cover the wider scope of the industry and the largest share of the iGaming market is taken up by online sports betting and casinos and now extends into eSports betting, virtual games betting, trading, bingo, lottery and fantasy sports.

The iGaming industry is comprised of many different kinds of businesses, from affiliates through to game designers and platform providers.

There are several iGaming hubs dotted around the globe with the most popular being in Malta, Gibraltar, the UK, Sweden, Bulgaria among others. It is a truly international industry that has shown strong year on year growth and continually extending into new markets.

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