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How data analytics is transforming the iGaming industry

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

It is estimated that by the end of this year, there will be around 74 zettabytes of data in existence. This amount of data is impossible to imagine, but it provides businesses with plenty of opportunities to fine-tune their products and marketing. Accessing this data doesn’t have to be complicated. Technologies like big data and AI facilitate their use in previously unheard-of ways. Increasing access to user data has provided many opportunities to online gambling platforms. So how is data analysis transforming the online gambling sector?


Casinos collecting user data

There are many ways that an online gambling site can collect user data. It starts when they sign up and give information such as age, sex, and location. It continues with any customisations they make to their account and is further enhanced by monitoring on-site activity. How long they spend on a particular game, what links they click, how they arrived on the site, what search terms they used... the list goes on.


Everything the customer does on the site is recorded and can be used to personalise their experience.

Increasingly, data from other areas of the internet is used to build a better picture of players. Social media habits, groups they are members of, regular search terms, and what news they read- all of this information can be used to create a more thorough idea of the customer and their preferences. This information is incredibly valuable to gambling operators as it allows them to hone their offerings and give players exactly what they want before they have to ask for it.


More effective marketing

The more information you have about your players, the better you can market to them. Enhanced data collection and analysis means you can develop intuitive and highly impactful targeted marketing. Instead of casting a one-size-fits-all marketing campaign or trying to guess what people will respond to, you can use high-quality data to ensure it has the maximum return. As an operator, you will better decide where to place ads, when, and for how long. You can even have a better understanding of what kind of content they should contain.


Better gaming experiences

The use of data analytics allows operators to make games even more relevant and exciting for players. Their preferences can allow the total personalisation of the site, including what games they see, bonuses and incentives, and in-game features.


For example, if you know that a specific player likes slots and horror films, personalisation would allow games that fit into these categories to be displayed more predominantly. If a player is not spending much time on your site, you could also increase their bonuses and incentives to make them stay longer. These are just some examples of how data analytics can help you create better gaming experiences for players.


Enhanced user experience

The design and layout of a gambling site can often be overlooked, but it becomes easier to improve with data analytics. If you have a high bounce rate, particularly from particular pages, you can assess that perhaps there is an issue there. This could trigger a redesign or changes to the user interface to encourage optimum engagement.


You can also understand how your site performs in terms of load rate, what sections people are spending more time on, and which pages garner more revenue. Through careful analysis, this data can help you ultimately optimise your site with the player in mind.



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