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NuxGame Platform Updates - April 2022

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Affiliate system update
The affiliate system now has an updated version that includes CPA and hybrid commission plans. With the CPA, when a website visitor makes a deposit or performs another agreed-upon activity with your platform, the affiliate receives a one-time reward. The Hybrid plans also mix a portion of a player's monthly income spent on your gaming website with a set commission from CPA 


Withdrawal limit by status
This works for withdrawal and player to player money transfer. If a player has a personal limit, it has more priority than status limit and status limit has more priority than global limit. In a case where the global limit is disabled and the status limit set, the status limit will work. If the field is empty, limits do not work.

New payment system update
From now our clients get access to Sobflous. This payment system is specifically available for users in the Tunisia region.

Standard errors integrated for API clients
They are also added in autotests in API BO. New clients will require codes to access this feature; however, the old clients will work just fine. The codes are used as warnings or notifications as in autotests. For now, it is set that the client will not go live until he will standardize all, but in future they will be made mandatory.

Loyalty membership program update
This update can be enabled or disabled on from the control center.

Export/ import for all translations
Translations section relocated into platform settings in platform BO and in extra settings in seamless BO. Clients can now export translations in csv and change Current _lang _ translated value and import it afterwards. If the client already changes the value and tries to make it a second or more time he needs to set a checkbox on Overwrite existing translation. File format must be CSV. This works for static and for dynamic translations.

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