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Amusnet is the Provider of the Year at Golden Spades Awards

Tuesday, 12 December 2023

More than 250 prominent representatives from Bulgarian and international gaming companies gathered at the premiere edition of the Golden Spades Awards, held on the 21st of November. At the gala dinner, the newly established annual Golden Spade awards were presented in ten categories, rewarding leading companies for their contribution to the development of the Bulgarian gaming industry.


The awards event is organized by the Association of Organizers of Gambling Games and Activities in Bulgaria (SOHIDB) with the support of the first gambling media in Bulgaria BETNEWS.BG. It aims to create a united community and promote gaming providers and operators but also seeks to stimulate the introduction of innovative practices and encourage fair competition and compliance with ethical rules to

support a stable business environment and empower the development of the sector.


Accepted by Irina Rusimova, Chief Business Officer at Amusnet, The Provider of the Year Award reflects Amusnet’s outstanding contributions and excellence in the gaming industry in Bulgaria. Here’s what Irina Rusimova shares: “We are extremely honored for this high recognition as it underscores the diligent efforts of our huge team in delivering cutting-edge casino technology and services to our partners. We are sure that the Golden Spades Awards is a new door to even wider opportunities for the industry in the country.” 


The Golden Spades Awards served multiple purposes, aiming to foster unity, acknowledge excellence, and establish a platform for meaningful connections and prospective partnerships. With the primary objective of setting a personal example for societal responsibility, the event demonstrated a commitment to a greater cause. Notably, 20% of the proceeds from the cover charges at the gala dinner were allocated to the prevention of gambling addiction, reflecting a conscientious effort to contribute to the well-being of the community and address important social issues.

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