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Belatra invites players to unearth a fortune with Jackpot Mines

Thursday, 14 March 2024

Belatra Games, the specialist online slots developer, is exploding with happiness to announce the launch of its new game, Jackpot Mines. This title effortlessly combines strategy, luck, and anticipation, giving players a thrilling gaming experience.


Before setting off into the game, players are empowered to customise the gameplay to their own preferences by selecting the field size and the number of mines – ranging from a 3x3 grid with up to six mines, a 4x4 field with up to 12 mines, to a 5x5 grid where as many as 20 mines remain hidden. Field size and number of mines impacts the difficulty level as well as the potential winning multiplier, with larger fields and number of mines offering higher chances of unearthing rewards.


Once the game dynamics are defined, players must click a square on the field to reveal what lies beneath - a coin, a mine, or the coveted jackpot. Following each move, players are faced with a choice: take the current total or chance their luck in pursuit of higher rewards by continuing.


Jackpot Mines’ jackpot feature will be triggered when a player’s bet contributes to the jackpot total, reaching the predefined payout amount. As the jackpot gets closer to the payout zone, anticipation ramps up with the jackpot board flashing red, signalling the potential return of up to €200. Should a jackpot symbol be discovered, a special reel spins on the spot, revealing either a coin for a win, a mine that clears the field, or the jackpot for a grand prize.


Sergey Chernyavski, Belatra Games’ CCO, said: “Jackpot Mines brings an explosive new concept to players and we’re proud that it is the first of its kind. Players have the power to choose to play in a number of ways as they try to unearth the fortunes buried in the land.”

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