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BetConstruct Releases a Bunch of New Exciting Offerings

Tuesday, 13 February 2024

BetConstruct prepares a list of new products, designed to change player engagement and

empower partner efficiency.


This time, the company has come up with four new offerings, catering for all segments of its audience. Each of the products is made by taking into account the partner's ever-changing needs and modern market requirements while keeping an open mind for the future.


The first product, Bet on League, is launched as a comprehensive sportsbook and iframe solution, equipping operators with an arsenal of diverse wagering options and insightful statistics for precise competition analysis. This helps to make informed betting decisions and maximise profitability.


LOYA, the second release, is made to increase player satisfaction with its personalised loyalty program. By automatically tailoring rewards and incentives based on individual user behaviour, LOYA provides valuable customer data and fosters unwavering loyalty.


Pocket Pro, on the other hand, is an Android-powered betting app that extends operations beyond the physical betshop. This game-changer allows cashiers to accept bets, process payments, manage online player deposits and withdrawals, and more – all from one device, enhancing operational efficiency and convenience.


Last but not least, BetCloud offers a revolutionary solution for accepting high-volume bets with minimised risk. This unique network of BetCloud operators' deposits allows operators to reduce costs, boost effectiveness, and confidently conquer even the biggest wagers.


Always reaching for new heights, BetConstructs promises to keep on releasing similar initiatives - continuously crafting products to smoothen out partner experience and provide new excitements to players.

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