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ibd Gaming Source The Latest And Hottest iGaming News reports 320% active user growth during opening three months in Africa

Wednesday, 3 November 2021, a leading sportsbook and online casino operator, has reported a 320% rise of new active African users in a three month period since launching in Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia.


This growth stems from’s curated markets on its mobile-first, proprietary platform for individual countries, a seamless user journey and a wide selection of payment methods.

A recently granted Nigerian licence will enable to add further growth momentum by leveraging its successful strategies within Ethiopia given the similar characteristics between the two markets. The $14.5m investment into the iGaming service will inject further energy into’s mission of being present in more than 10 markets across Africa by mid-2022.


Comprehensive competitor analysis conducted before launch enabled to build a player-first offering that has led to strong retention numbers. Data reveals that customer retention sits at 38%, 35% of new users convert to registration and 30% make a first-time deposit.


Further evidence of’s positive impact in Africa is that 80% of players responded with “excellent” when asked to review the service. An intelligent customer development frame is in operation to shape the business model that factors in behaviours and this has paved the way for’s relentless regional growth.


Dana Varnytska,’s CMO commented: “Our localised strategy is built from thorough research into individual market behaviours and we’re thrilled to see the positive results. Every customer’s voice is important to us, so it’s incredibly satisfying to see the initial feedback. strives to provide the best experiences available and our recent $14.5m investment will help double down on this commitment.”

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