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Due to popular demand, the virtual European Gaming, Gaming Americas and TECH Quarterly Meetups become permanent

Thursday, 15 December 2022

The virtual quarterly meetups organized by the #hipthers will become permanent.

The ongoing success and high demand of the virtual quarterly meetups have encouraged the #hipthers to add the popular series as a permanent option for those interested in staying up-to-date with several industry happenings on a quarterly basis without having the need to travel or allocate more than 2-3 hours of their time.


"The European Gaming Quarterly Meetups and the Gaming Americas Quarterly Meetups are seeing continuous growth and even with the in-person conferences coming back in full swing, the virtual option seems to be here to stay. We are excited to add another series to the mix, the TECH Quarterly Meetup series to help our non-gaming - tech-focused- audience be up-to-date with the latest in blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and more. So, we have made the decision to keep the virtual quarterly meetups as a permanent option for those participants who find this option helpful without traveling or spending more than 2-3 hours focused on live content," stated Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther Agency


As mentioned above, the European Gaming Quarterly Meetups and the Gaming Americas Quarterly Meetups will be complemented by the TECH Quarterly Meetups Series, to provide an all-around option for the whole HIPTHER audience.


The first quarterly meetups of 2023 can be found below with registration always open and always free.

  • Gaming Americas Q1 Meetup #GAQ1M2023 - January 26, 2023, between 11:30 am - 2:00 pm EST
  • European Gaming Q1 Meetup #EGQ1M2023 - February 16, 2023, between 10:00 am - 1:00 pm CET
  • TECH Meetup Q1 #TECHQ1Meetup2023 - March 14, 2023, between 10:00 am - 1:00 pm CET

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The #hipthers also offer you the opportunity to network online by using their WireUp networking app found on the Play Store.


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For sponsorship/speaking inquiries, make sure to reach out to Zoltan Tuendik (Co-Founder and Head of Business at Hipther) at


For media-related inquiries, please contact Alexandru Marginean (Marketing Specialist at Hipther) at

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