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Golden Race Virtual Sports Content Now Available With BlueOcean Gaming GameHub Aggregation

Thursday, 26 March 2020

We are all set to announce that our GameHub is now ready to offer Golden Race exceptional virtual sports content including Football Leagues and Euro Champions, Dog Races, Horse Races, Motorbikes and Speedway races. Golden Race Virtual sports content has the ability to capture the excitement of real sports betting and provide it to the operators so they can further deliver it to their players. In order to bring the most realistic sports atmosphere Golden Race uses the ultimate virtual sports improvements such as 3D graphics, professional voice-overs in every major language and authentic camera angles. Furthermore, there is a wide range of betting opportunities available such as an attractive set of odds, quick game cycles and 24/7 availability on demand and many more. BlueOcean Gaming team: "We are very pleased to welcome Golden Race; their content will be a great addition to our virtual sports offering available through GameHub game aggregation. Especially in the situation we are currently in, when all the major real sports events are being cancelled or postponed, we are getting many demands for the virtual sports content, therefore we are looking forward to being able to upsell the games to our operators". Golden Race is the global leader in pre-recorded video sports betting and virtual football league, with many awards won such as the SBC Awards and the Southern European Gaming Awards, among others. “As the first fully managed Virtual Sportsbook in the industry, our games are a perfect alternative during times with low or none real sports at all. We are very happy to join BlueOcean Gaming to offer their clients the best content and its advantages”, explains Martin Wachter, CEO & Founder of Golden Race. As a provider of premium virtual sports content, Golden Race has 15 years of experience in the industry leading the delivery of innovative games and betting solutions. Thanks to their international team with excellent knowledge of the online gaming industry, they are able to provide innovative sport betting solutions to clients all over the globe.

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