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High tech tools for your gambling site in 2022

Saturday, 13 November 2021

The online gambling world has come a long way since the first license was issued in 1996. Over the last 25 years, technology has changed the face of the sector, integrating new and exciting technologies. Today, most players gamble from smartphones with more power and better graphics than the computers used in the mid to late 90s. Along with increased smartphone adoption and easy access to high-speed internet comes technology like AI, VR, and AR that is changing the way we do many things, gambling included.


While these technologies might sound a bit like science fiction, the reality is there are accessible to you and your customers already. If you have a gambling site or are thinking of launching one, here are some ways you can leverage emerging technology.


Customer service bots

Customer service is a vital part of running a gambling business. Offering good customer service is also an essential part of keeping your license in good shape. If you fail to stay on top of player queries and disputes, you can end up with chargebacks that impact the relationship with your bank. Furthermore, this can incur complaints with the licensing authority, which you want to avoid.


Manning call centres and webchat 24/7 is expensive, especially if you work with multiple languages. This is where customer service bots come in. They can answer frequently asked questions, solve simple problems and channel communications to the correct department.


Furthermore, chatbots can be on standby all day, every day of the year, and they can speak multiple languages. Integrating chatbots into your website, social media, or app is a great way to improve your service and retain clients.


AI authentication

In recent years, compliance for gambling operators has become much more challenging. There seems to be an ever-expanding list of requirements, obligations, reports, and provisions to take care of. One of the central tenets of compliance is being able to identify and authenticate your players. This has to be done at the initial onboarding stage and throughout the business relationship.


User identity should be confirmed when processing deposits, withdrawals, large bets, when logging in, or making changes to account information. Doing this manually can take a lot of time and be costly and prone to human error. But with AI, the whole process becomes more straightforward. Documents can be requested and processed by AI, including scanning and comparing ID with the individuals face via webcam. It can also assess answers to security questions and engage in voice recognition.


AI is also being used in gambling to spot problem gambling and potentially fraudulent activity. It can scan, identify, report, and even audit, large amounts of data in seconds, something humans cannot do.


VR gambling

Widespread adoption of virtual reality is still beginning, mainly due to expenses related to headsets and other equipment. But as technology develops, costs are coming down, and it has become more accessible to more people. As a result, virtual reality casino games are being developed and are widely available online.


Users can create avatars that interact in virtual casinos and other locations where they can gamble. Players could immerse themselves into a prohibition-era game of poker or play roulette on the Las Vegas Strip. With VR, the possibilities are endless, and we will see much more roll out of this tech in the near future.



AR live dealer games

In July 2021, the world’s first AR casino was launched, introducing the technology, along with virtual reality, into games. Classics such as roulette, slots, blackjack, and other table games all received the AR treatment. But as a starting point, live dealer games are a great place to start. Live dealer games such as poker and baccarat are made for augmented reality.


Meanwhile, the live dealer sector is one of the fastest-growing verticals, with more and more players demanding interactive experiences. By integrating AR into the already dynamic experience, you provide a new level of entertainment and value for players. It does not have to be challenging to do either- there are plenty of great game developers keen to use the technology either off-the-shelf or with custom builds.


It's advisable to engage with a professional corporate service provider to set up a gambling company or expand your existing business. They will guide you through the regulatory landscape and assist you with all your other corporate needs. Fast Offshore has worked in the sector for over 24 years and has worked with countless gambling operators and entrepreneurs just like you. Furthermore, we do it with transparency, professionalism, and an ethos of putting customers first. Give your iGaming business the expert advantage, contact us today.

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