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How AI Positively Impacts Recruitment In iGaming

Thursday, 11 January 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping iGaming companies beat the competition to recruit top talent. Automating elements of the online gambling recruitment process makes hiring the best casino and sports betting people easier, faster, and cheaper.


As AI tools become more refined and advanced, smart recruiters like IGAMINGHUNT are harnessing the potential of AI to find the very best clients for leading roles throughout the iGaming sector. This ranges from low-level technical roles to high-level marketing and leadership roles and everything in between.

IGAMINGHUNT is a pioneering online gambling recruitment firm embracing AI to help recruiters find the best people for the leading firms operating within the iGaming space.


Rather than being afraid of AI, IGAMINGHUNT has harnessed it to improve its processes and unearth the best talent within the online gambling industry.


Here, we reveal the key lessons learned from IGAMINGHUNT’s use of AI throughout the online gambling recruitment process and explain how, when used efficiently and effectively, AI can be an integral recruitment tool to help you find the best people.


The Benefits of Using AI in Online Gambling Recruitment


IGAMINGHUNT's experienced recruitment team led by Head of Recruitment Anna Bezsmertna, believes that AI can transform the online gambling recruitment process for both candidates and companies looking to hire. When used effectively, AI can benefit practically every sector, but fear often holds companies and individuals back when looking to tap into AI’s potential.


This is often a fear of what they might find and a worry they might be replaced! However, the crucial thing to remember is that AI needs a human touch to be effective. It should be used as an addition, not a replacement, at key stages throughout the recruitment journey. When you move past the fear and look at the potential of AI, you will start seeing huge benefits to various aspects of your work.


With that in mind, here are some of the key perks of utilising AI to find the best people for myriad roles in the iGaming industry:


1/ CV Screening


Every recruitment consultant knows how much time and energy is required to screen CVs for the ideal candidate. Looking through hundreds of CVs manually for every role isn’t feasible, and it can often result in oversight that may let the best client slip through the gaps.


What’s more, manual CV screening takes hiring managers away from other important roles within the recruitment journey, often leading them to outsource the process to less qualified team members.


However, AI can take responsibility for the initial screening phase of CVs, ensuring that only relevant and experienced candidates are considered. This is easily done and means that AI will automatically remove irrelevant or unqualified candidates from consideration.


Though not necessarily helpful for some high-level roles, AI screening is a good option for technical roles that require knowledge of tools, scripting languages, or databases. AI can easily determine each of these credentials.


IGAMINGHUNT found that making AI responsible for CV screening saved approximately 80% of the time compared to manually screening CVs. This is hugely transformative and highlights how the smart deployment of AI can revolutionise and speed up the gambling recruitment process from the start.


2/ Candidate Sourcing


AI can also dig deeper when looking for the best fit for roles in the iGaming sector. Creating a relevant sourcing script through AI can help recruiters scour the Internet to find the best clients for the role, even if they don’t maintain a LinkedIn profile or show up via similar job searches.


What’s more, AI can recommend the best way to communicate with candidates found via this search, particularly if an offline method of communication is required for candidates who aren’t on professional networking or social media platforms.


After all, candidate sourcing is not just about the people who contact your firm looking for a position. The best recruiters know that the most suitable candidates might not be actively looking for a new position right now. Therefore, it’s up to you to actively search for them.


Leveraging AI for candidate sourcing can help supplement the batch of candidates who have been screened for the role, as highlighted in point one. Ultimately, both processes use AI to help source the best candidates and provide a better foundation for your search.


3/ Idea Generation for Initial Contact


So, AI has helped you identify the best candidates for your role. Then what? Well, your initial contact with a candidate can be the difference between success and failure. So many recruiters go with something generic like, “Hi – your profile is impressive, I have a role that might interest you.”


Highly qualified and experienced candidates receive countless messages from recruiters and tend to overlook generic, uninspiring messages. Granted, you might not have the time to personalise messages for every candidate you reach out to, but that’s where AI can play a crucial role.


You can ask an AI tool to analyse the candidate’s profile to provide tips on what to include in your initial message. This might be information about their previous employment or details about their likes, comments, or posts on LinkedIn that you can use to your advantage. Connecting with a potential candidate personally is so important if you want them to consider the offer you have lined up for them.


IGAMINGHUNT found that using AI to personalise initial contact messages significantly increased the response rate. After all, it’s no secret that candidates are more likely to respond to personalised messages that consider their actual circumstances and experiences.


4/ Job Description Preparation

The job description is so important to online gambling recruitment, but it is often overlooked by hiring managers. In fact, many hiring managers ask less senior members of the recruitment team to put together a job description, which can result in only basic requirements and responsibilities being included.


This is a problem, as it can blur expectations and may even lead to an under or over-qualified candidate accepting a role they are not well suited to. So many recruiters think that because they can envisage the best candidate for a specific role, they don’t need to accurately express what the role entails within the job description.


IGAMINGHUNT discovered that AI tools can put together extremely detailed and relevant job

descriptions for various roles within the iGaming sector. This means hiring managers don’t have to delegate the role to a less experienced team member.


However, once the AI has created the initial job description, the hiring manager must sit down to personalise it. Editing and proofreading an AI-generated job description is much more efficient than creating one from scratch, and hiring managers can store these descriptions to use them for future roles, thus saving even more time and effort in the long run.


5/ Interview Preparation


Interview preparation is a two-way street. The hiring manager needs to ask the right questions, while the candidate needs to be well prepared to show why they are the perfect person to fill the role.


So much interview time is wasted by reviewing topics already covered in CVs and application forms.

The whole point of requiring CVs, cover letters, and application forms is to find candidates who tick all the required boxes. The interview is about finding the right person with the right mindset and personality to join the company.


Again, AI can play a crucial role in preparing relevant interview questions to ensure the candidate is a good match. You can use the AI-generated job description to ask technical questions that are crucial for the role before following it up with behavioral questions that give you an insight into the candidate’s personality.


IGAMINGHUNT found that AI provided insightful and relevant interview questions that helped to focus on relevant traits required for each role in question. This saved time and effort and ensured the interview time could be used to find the best-suited candidates.


6/ Continuous Learning & Development


Recognising that AI is continuously learning, developing, and improving is important. AI tools are consistently adding new features that can enhance the online gambling recruitment process, and it’s crucial that hiring managers are open to such improvements and developments.


The way that IGAMINGHUNT was able to revolutionise the recruitment of candidates highlights the fact that when harnessed effectively, AI can positively impact the process of finding the best candidates for roles in the iGaming sector.


From screening CVs to writing interview questions, AI has a key role in online gambling recruitment. Ultimately, it’s up to hiring managers to use AI to streamline and improve their hiring practices.


What’s more, hiring managers should keep up to date with the latest AI developments to find ways of continuously improving their recruitment processes. AI is not static, and it is constantly evolving.

Who knows how helpful it could be in 3-5 years?


Anna Bezsmertna, Head of Recruitment at IGAMINGHUNT: “Leveraging AI for Enhanced Online Gambling Recruitment”


IGAMINGHUNT's utilization of AI in the online gambling recruitment process stands out as both innovative and pioneering, revolutionizing the way talent is discovered and acquired in the iGaming industry.


Spearheaded by Anna Bezsmertna, Head of Recruitment, the agency has successfully integrated AI to screen CVs, identify optimal candidates, engage effectively with potential hires, formulate compelling job descriptions, and enhance the overall interview process. In essence, AI has demonstrated its ability to positively influence every facet of recruitment, from the initial candidate search to the seamless onboarding of new staff.


However, it is crucial to underscore that AI is a dynamic and evolving technology, requiring a human touch to maximize its potential. Anna Bezsmertna states: “According to insights, gleaned from extensive experience, the key lies in strategic integration, utilizing AI in distinct phases of the online gambling recruitment process for optimal efficiency.


IGAMINGHUNT's approach underscores that simply relying on an AI tool to oversee the entire recruitment process without human input falls short of the mark."


In conclusion, Anna Bezsmertna the head of recruitment, and the IGAMINGHUNT team members emphasize that when applied judiciously and efficiently, AI can significantly enhance the entire recruitment journey.


This strategic use of technology not only streamlines the hiring process but also empowers hiring managers in their quest for the finest talent within the dynamic iGaming sector.

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