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Indiana Becomes the Newest State on Internet Vikings' U.S. Map

Friday, 4 March 2022

Taking the U.S. by storm, the global iGaming hosting leader, Internet Vikings, has officially announced the start of its operations in the state of Indiana. 

Steadily expanding across the American iGaming landscape, the company has attained licensing and already established a sound base of customers in a variety of other progressive and well-regulated states. Aiming at the stars and stripes, Internet Vikings is sure to raise the game by supporting all industry-related companies seeking to get their game on in Indiana.

Kristoffer Ottosson, the company's Head of Hosting Services, had this to say about their latest achievement: “It is just wonderful to see how the U.S. is responding to our innovative offerings. As we have moved across the States, we have quickly acquired customers and had amazing results." Internet VIkings have no doubt that their arrival in Indiana heralds yet another bright star on our unfolding path towards helping the industry to grow and find solid ground.

By the year 2019, Indiana had already established roughly 13 land-based and riverboat casinos, all verified by the IGC (Indiana Gaming Commission). This led to further developments as the lucrative value of online gaming was recognized, resulting in three categories of regulated licensing categories – certificate holders, vendors, and service providers. Authorized operators now include online sports betting.

Internet Vikings’ data center in Indiana went live in Q4 last year. As a part of their strategic movement across the continent and with no license required to operate in the state, they quickly followed this by commencing their hosting service operations, which include a broad suite of bespoke solutions for all industry-related businesses.

Internet Vikings’ co-founder and CCO, Rickard Vikström, is certain that there are no boundaries to the company’s future progress. He had this to say about their arrival in Indiana: “All that we want, all that we strive for, year after year, is to assist others in recognizing and embracing the blossoming world of online gaming. We are really happy to have taken another step across America and Indiana is certainly another significant milestone on this journey.”

With another feather in their cap, the company has no intention of slowing down. They are taking on every regulated state, one at a time, broadening the scope of their influence and helping all who wish to participate in the “new frontier.” This applies similarly to all other continents in which they have established themselves, as well as Canada, where they have a data center in Ontario.

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