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Is Apple Pay secure?

Monday, 30 January 2023

Apple is a world-famous technology manufacturer. The company is constantly creating new solutions and products that make using gadgets as easy as possible. Apple Pay safe is a contactless payment method. Some users actively use this option, and some are skeptical about it.

To confidently use a mobile wallet, you need to figure out how is Apple Pay secure. It will help you decide whether it is worth using a smartphone to pay for purchases or it is better to give preference to plastic cards.

What You Need to Know About Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment method for retail outlets and online stores. It is only suitable for IOS devices.

First, you need to connect to the payment system. To do this, you need to go to the Wallet application and link a bank account. Apple Pay allows you to use several different bank cards. It can be an account with personal or credit money. After the user has filled in all the fields, payment can be made.

To pay in a store, you need to bring your phone or watch to the terminal with a wallet installed. It reads all the necessary operations for authentication. Some banks require you to confirm the transaction using a pin code or Face or Touch ID. Vibration and sound notification signal that the process was successful.

Paying with Apple Pay is fast and secure. The seller does not see the buyer’s card number or personal data. There is also no need to verify the identity of the cardholder.

When paying online through a mobile wallet, you do not need to enter the account number and information about the owner. The program automatically makes the payment.

Apple Pay Safety Features

Users are interested in how secure is Apple Pay? The manufacturer pays great attention to the security of gadgets and all consumer programs. And Wallet is no exception. People always want to be sure that their money and personal information are under reliable protection.

In the Apple Pay vs credit card pair, the first option is undoubtedly the leader. First, the user does not need to always carry a card with him. All the information is on the phone, which is quite enough. The account number, the buyer’s name, and other data are hidden from prying eyes, which significantly increases security. Plus, there is no risk of losing your Wallet with cards.

As soon as the user links the account to the Wallet, he is assigned a particular token, the account number. This information is stored on a special chip built into the phone. Apple does not save data on the device itself or iCloud.

When the user brings the phone to pay, the terminal reads the information via NFC. A unique security code is created for each transaction. It stores information only about the payment that is currently taking place. The security code replaces the card’s CCV, which is needed to complete the transaction.

Even now, questions like is Apple Pay secure? The Wallet is additionally protected by Face ID or Touch ID. To conduct a financial transaction, the user must put the finger on the scanner or scan the face. The type of protection depends on the smartphone model.

Apple Watch requires skin contact to pay. It is set when the user puts on the watch for the first time. The gadget asks for a code to verify the identity. If the device is not worn on the hand, it will not work to conduct a financial transaction.

Face ID, Touch ID, and skin contact protect user accounts. If you lose your phone, then no one will be able to access the information. The Find My iPhone feature will help you block all accounts, stop debiting and cancel cards.

Apple does not store transactions or track invoices. Payment is made directly between the buyer and the bank.

What Could Go Wrong?

If Apple cares so much about the security of personal data, then what could go wrong? The company and its competitors constantly face hacker attacks. Security specialists successfully eliminate all errors and hacks. But still, these attacks showed the weaknesses of Apple Pay.

When using public Wi-Fi networks, scammers can intercept transaction traffic. Hence, get transaction data. This information can be downloaded to media and reused for financial transactions.

It is assumed that the security code is one-time. That is, it cannot be reused. But some merchants create repeat codes, which makes Apple Pay as secure as we’d like.

A White Hat Attack

White hat hackers test networks, computers, and programs to find weaknesses. Usually, they hack their products to analyze their security.

In addition to the dangers of using public networks, hackers have found that Apple gadgets can be infected with malware. Now users are seriously concerned about the question is Apple Pay safe? But not everything is so scary.

It will only be possible to infect a smartphone or watch with a virus if its software has been changed. If the phone has already been hacked, the IOS has been reflashed; the attackers can intercept information about financial transactions.

How to Make Apple Pay secure

Apple has an excellent security system, and a small percentage of users have experienced a phone hack or virus infection. But still, there are a few rules that will enhance security.

It is worth setting a strong password for accounts and gadgets. A complex combination will prevent hacking of the system and protect accounts. Do not neglect the face and touch ID. Apple has an exquisite biometric security system.

For this reason, you should not add other people’s biometric data to your smartphone because it stores the user’s personal information. It will be much calmer if even the closest relatives cannot access it.

In case of loss or theft of the phone, it is worth blocking all cards and accounts as quickly as possible. I can hack the phone and get financial information about the owner. Therefore, you should not rely only on the pin code and password.

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