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Island Broadcast Media launches NFT virtual ownership project with Crypto-Pills Gaming Company

Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Island Broadcast Media has agreed a partnership with The Crypto-Pills Gaming Company for an industry-first creative project which will facilitate digital ownership of virtual horses or greyhounds through Blockchain Addressable Surfaces.


Gamers will now seamlessly be able to buy a digital stake in a horse or greyhound as an individual or as part of a community.


Digital owners can follow their asset’s performance and gain returns on their investment as they race at virtual replica tracks across Europe and the USA. After a predefined time period the asset will be retired and then minted into an NFT which is validated with Blockchain technology.


This NFT project has its origins in the Virtual Gaming world where early adopter Dave Mousley provided the catalyst for the vast growth of the vertical through his Red Vision business. The company was later acquired by Inspired Gaming which is now the global leader in virtual sports.


Backed by a stable of industry pioneers, including Mousley, Heath Samples, Graham Martin and Jonathan Mills, Island Broadcast Media is democratising horse and greyhound ownership using state-of-the-art technologies.


Dave Mousley, co-founder of Island Broadcast Media said: “Sometimes the combination of two streams of development combine to create something really exciting, and this NFT project promises to bring a new dimension to player engagement. We have also launched a range of fixed odds, betting and gaming products which we are now beginning to introduce to the market. The incorporation of unique NFTs inside the Virtual Sports world creates an exciting crossover between the Blockchain and Virtual sports."


“When we saw what Crypto-Pills was developing, we immediately realised the synergies and were delighted to announce a formal alliance between the companies to develop and deliver the combined technologies within our virtual racing and gaming products”, said Heath Samples , Chief Executive of Island Broadcast Media.


Gaming and betting pioneer Graham Martin, a main board director of both companies and who has been instrumental in connecting the technical and creative teams to achieve this, stated: "As the founder of The Crypto-Pill Gaming Company Limited I am delighted to have created this innovative new venture, combining collective expertise in the gaming industry with the creativity of a true digital art pioneer, as the future of gaming is being shaped by blockchain technology, so we are all excited to be at the forefront of this transformation."

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