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Login Casino Awards 2020 Voting Started

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

October 27th was the start date of online voting for the best representatives of the gambling industry within the fourth annual event Login Casino Awards 2020. Join online voting and support your favorite participants. The voting was started on the 27th of October at 12:00 p.m. (GMT+3). It will be open till December 7 on the event web page: The process of voting and its results will remain open only until November 23. Everyone will be able to track who is the leader and motivate other people to vote actively. Starting from November 24, the voting will become closed, and the announcement of the best industry participants will be held in the online format on December 16 on the event website. For the fourth year in a row, a gambling business magazine Login Casino selects the best representatives of the gambling and relating industries. Annually, the award adds strong participants and up-to-date nominations, provided below: 1. Betting Based on voting results, the winners of the following categories will be selected: •“Best Betting Company of 2020”; •“Best Betting Product”. 2. Gambling The category has the following nominations: •“Best Developer of 2020”; •“Best Slot Design”; •“Debutant of the Year”; •“Best Provider of Live Games”; •“Best Lawyer in the Field of Gambling”. 3. Events The current year has been and continues to be followed by quarantine measures. This is the reason why all events have switched to the online format. That is why the category is represented by the following nominations: •“Best Webinar of 2020”; •“Speaker of 2020”. 4. Affiliate 2020 has also proved that it is important to implement new nominations in the sphere of recruitment and relations between employees in the remote work format. This category is updated and has three nominations now: •“Marketing Guru”; •“Best Payment System”; •“Employer of the Year”. 5. Esports Esports continues to be an important sector of the gambling market. Its contribution to the industry is extending its range that is why the category is represented by the nomination: •“Contribution to the Development of the Industry”. 6. Poker The same things can be said about online poker, which, according to the world's mass media, has become more customer-oriented. This means an innovative approach to all aspects: design, creation of poker rooms, as well as interaction with customers. The category is represented by the nomination: •“Best Poker Room for Novices”. It is allowed to vote only for one participant in one nomination. Annually, approximately 5 thousand people vote for their favorite candidates actively. Make your contribution to the development of the gambling industry by participating in online voting starting from October 27. It is also important to take part in the announcement of the best gambling market representatives who develop the industry on December 16 in the online format on the event website.

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