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MaxSport partners with OSAI to present microbetting at Sigma Europe.

Monday, 14 November 2022

Ahead of Sigma Europe, MaxSports partnered with OSAI to demonstrate the power of microbetting on the ArtCup tournament. Sigma Europe is taking place in Malta on 14-18 November, visit stand G18 to experience the Quick Bets.

MaxSport will use OSAI’s technology for an interactive Quick Bets demo. OSAI pioneers the microbetting space with its Quick Bets solution. It unlocks new markets on low-level game events with odds and coefficients being traded automatically. MaxSport will demonstrate Quick Bets on one of their partner’s tournament ArtCup. OSAI provides the web platform for microbetting, AI/ML data capture, and mixed reality live streaming.

Maxim Samsonov, founder of MaxSport: “MaxSport specializes in adapting sports events to the needs of bookmakers. Quick Bets by OSAI - is a complex technological solution, that includes on-set equipment, high standards for the athlete’s technique, and a 24/7 software solution. We are proud that we managed to prepare and adapt a table tennis tournament for the launch of Quick Bets. Excited to partner with OSAI and be among the first to show Quick Bets to the industry. Come by our stand G18 and experience it for yourself”

Roman Garin, CEO OSAI, said: “Thanks MaxSport and the team for putting this demo together. It’s exciting to show Quick Bets at Sigma Europe. Quick Bets is a complex technological solution that makes microbetting simple. OSAI does most of the heavy lifting, including data capture, trading, and calculating coefficients. MaxSport shares our vision of how AI/ML can transform the industry. And we are excited for them to take it to the market. ”

OSAI is the first company to overcome one of the key challenges in sports microbetting - collecting accurate real-time data on low-level events. AI data scout by OSAI provides a broad data portfolio, including error type, ball speed, player position, bounce coordinates, and more. Based on this data the company developed Quick Bets - a microbetting solution that opens four fast markets to start with. Available in table tennis and then expanding to other sports for which OSAI products are available. The unique technology offers a risk-free way to test new markets, tap into new GGRs and increase sports betting revenues.

About MaxSport:

MaxSport is one of the prominent sports betting data providers, based in Cyprus. MaxSport provides data feed and live streaming for exclusive sports events such as football, hockey, handball, cricket, kabaddi, and many more alongside their in-play betting offerings. The company developed a technology for extremely fast, accurate, and secure data transmission. MaxSports new Live Data Client offers a wide range of live match information through a fully customizable interface that lets you track the data you want when you want it

MaxSport offers pre-match and live services, professional broadcasts in HD, sportscaster support for every match, online protocol and „scout” info from the event site, which will allow you to track the course of a sporting event in the most detailed way, odds (with a margin of 5-6%) for all main match outcomes, and marketing support

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About OSAI:

OSAI is a Cyprus-based tech company that digitizes sports in real-time using AI/ML, and Computer Vision. Based on cutting-edge computer vision technology, OSAI developed a full suite of solutions to service clubs, leagues, federations, and betting operators around the world.

OSAI analyses the video feed with AI and Computer vision to gather accurate, real-time data after each frame. It then analyzes it to convert raw data into actionable insights and unlock several product offerings including AI data scout, real-time Mixed Reality, High-Performance analytics, and, most recently, Quick Bets. OSAI ecosystem of game-changing products optimizes costs of data capture, reduces the complexities of virtual production of live content, and opens new revenue streams in sponsorship & betting.

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