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NSoft - Official partnership with the Sportradar Integrity Exchange program

Monday, 21 November 2022

Matijevic: The partnership empowers us to take a more active role in the global fight against match-fixing and safeguarding sport.”

NSoft, a global sports betting and gaming supplier, announced that it will now be part of Sportradar’s Integrity Exchange program to help fight against match-fixing.

Announced earlier this year, Sportradar Integrity Exchange is a network that enables bookmakers to report the suspicious betting activity as the next step in global efforts to safeguard sport. The members and partners of Sportradar Integrity Exchange obtain data-driven insights on match-fixing, which includes reports on global match-fixing trends and details of all matches reported as suspicious by other operators in the Exchange program. The program adds value for the betting operators, suppliers, and, finally, the bettors by helping to ensure that the sports betting experience is backed by the best integrity technology and expertise.

NSoft is positioned as a key platform provider enabling account-level visibility of nearly 100 bookmakers and brands. NSoft is a significant enhancement to the Sportradar Integrity Exchange program and the ongoing fight against betting-related manipulation in sports.

Robert Matijević, MD of Seven Sportsbook at NSoft, said: ”As an active participant in the sporting landscape, we are proud to be part of the Sportradar Integrity Exchange program. It empowers us to take a more urgent role in the global fight against match-fixing and safeguarding sport. This is important for all stakeholders - sports associations, betting suppliers, operators, bettors, and fans. The betting experience should celebrate sports and sports team performances and should be free from any possible external interventions to alter the result.”

NSoft Sportsbook drives engagement and brings sports betting excitement, covering a wide range of global premium content and locally relevant events. Fairness and transparency are the backbones of the relationship with all stakeholders gathered around sports betting. Being in the center of it, NSoft welcomes all activities aiming to preserve this fundamental setup.

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