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Onlyplay Greets September With A New Game

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

On September 21, 2021, Onlyplay released a new game in the exclusive one-reel slottery format - Lucky Punch, made in boxing tournament design.

During the game players will participate in real fights with professional fighters. Each boxer has an unlimited number of boxing matches with 3 different opponents. Lucky Punch is a multi-level game. To go to the next level, the player needs to collect a certain number of experience units.

It’s a real revolution in the world of online gambling! An absolutely unique format with one reel slot that no other provider company has! The colorful and luscious design attracts attention from the first seconds. The professional team of designers has worked out every detail: the faces of the boxers, their outfit, boxing rings, camera flashes and the crowd of spectators excited by the great boxing show.

And now we propose to take a closer look at the main features of the game.

Boxers and boxing matches

The number of levels in Lucky Punch is unlimited. To move from the first level to the next, the player has to gain a certain amount of experience units. The progress bars display your boxer’s and opponent’s health. When your boxer knocks out his opponent, he wins the round and gains a corresponding amount of experience units. When leveling up, the player gets a multiplier – accordingly, the higher the level multiplier, the more you can win.

Free Spins

Free Spins session starts automatically when 3 Scatters appear in line on the row. The amount won by the player during the Free Spins session is multiplied by his level multiplier. Thus being on high levels the player can even double or multiply by 3 or 4 or 5... his Free Spins win.

Bonus game

Lucky Punch provides a bonus game, during which a playing field with special signs is activated. There are 16 bonus multiplier signs and 4 Exits signs. During the bonus game, the signs are selected by a random number generator. If you get a bonus multiplier sign, then you get a bonus win (your bet is multiplied by the coefficient on the bonus multiplier sign). After a bonus win was awarded, the multiplier that was won is automatically renewed by doubling! Meaning, when the multiplier was equal to x10, the renewed multiplier will be equal to x20!!! Thus, when next time this multiplier is chosen, your bet will be multiplied by x20. The win amount is also multiplied by your current level multiplier.

Speed Up Bonus Game

The bonus game session starts when 3 bonus symbols appear in one row. You can also start it via special Speed Up Bonus - in a separate window, you can buy one bonus game by making a predetermined special bet.

Tournament Leaderboard

The more your boxer wins his opponents, the higher you are in the leaderboard.

Christina Muratkina, CEO of Onlyplay followed: “It’s a proud moment for Onlyplay to launch our new game Lucky Punch. With this game in our portfolio we will deliver fruitful results.”

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