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Opening New Doors In The U.S. - Internet Vikings Launches iGaming Hosting in Colorado

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Highly respected providers of world-wide iGaming hosting solutions, Internet Vikings is rapidly expanding into the U.S. market. Having recently announced the launch of its initial operations in West Virginia, the company is now excited to introduce its bespoke iGaming hosting services in Colorado. But this is just the second step in Internet Vikings’ expansion into the U.S. with 11 more states expected to come onto their map by the end of the year.

As the USA steadily continues to recognise the immense commercial value of the online gaming business, implementation of the necessary regulations for its legalization is quickly spreading across the country. Internet Vikings is thereby furthering its global reputation as a forward-looking industry leader, paving the way for iGaming operators in a nation with tremendous potential and offering sophisticated bespoke hosting solutions for gaming businesses of all dimensions and for clients who have specific requirements.Elena Kvakova, Internet Vikings’ Head of U.S. Expansion has been heading up the company’s pivotal move into America from their office in New York since 2020. Preparing the groundwork has been an important challenge, involving a thorough study of the differences and specifics of gambling legislation which vary from state to state, in a country with a complex legal system. 

The initial preparations in order to get the industry off the ground has been a learning curve not only for Internet Vikings - despite 13 years of successful global operations in many jurisdictions - but also for the U.S. regulators, as they have worked at establishing suitable and compliant legal structures for each state. This is best expressed in the words of Elena Kvakova: “The biggest challenge for Internet Vikings was finding the right approach to a new market in which regulators did not expect such an innovative and robust business model, as well as trying to find our own niche in a newly formed legal environment”.

Internet Vikings has already achieved success despite these complexities. The experience has made them one of the leading experts in U.S. gambling law by developing a profound understanding regarding their future expansion across the USA. The level of their knowledge has grown to the extent that they now gladly help other iGaming companies to set up and expand in this market, as well as offering valuable advice through their webinars.

Elena Kvakova expressed the strengths of Internet Vikings by saying: “What we have seen so far, is that the licensed hosting options in the U.S. are both limited and costly and something which providers have to figure out, in addition to everything else. So what we are trying to do in a few key states right now, is to reconsider that setup, and offer equally reliable and secure services, but making them more agile and cost-effective. No other company in the USA is offering such flexible, innovative and robust solutions. We want to grow and transform alongside our clients”.

Internet Vikings is not the only company of its kind on American soil, yet it certainly stands out above the others. Professional, knowledgeable and forward-thinking, they offer a host of unique iGaming hosting services as well as caring attention to each and every client. The company aims to provide trustworthy infrastructure and servers in the nearest future in all 13 major iGaming hubs in the U.S., paying close attention to the unique needs of each individual business.

This is a rapidly growing, cutting edge team of over 70 experts spread around the world, with data centers and offices on almost every continent. Strategic and agile in their approach, they don’t merely follow industry trends, but continually seek to anticipate and precede such developments. Tremendous time, dedication and resources have been utilized in order to achieve their position as a frontrunner on the flourishing U.S. iGaming landscape, working with great commitment to take a leading role in what is likely to become the world’s biggest online gaming hotspot.

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