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PayRetailers Welcome Standard Chartered Heavyweight As New CFO

Monday, 14 June 2021

Barcelona-based payment services provider PayRetailers strengthens its growth trajectory with a new CFO. The position will now be held by Javier Lopez, a true finance and banking veteran who has been part of the industry for more than two decades.

This marks a new era for the company, as Lopez is a former Head of Finance at Standard Chartered Bank, where he was in control of the Legal, Compliance and Internal Audit programs.

Juan Pablo Jutgla, Founder  and CEO of PayRetailers, commented, “This event is special for the  business and company strategy as Mr. Lopez has an exceptionally strong history in the finance field that started back in 1998. Before switching over to us, he has been Head of Finance at Standard Chartered Bank –  one of the few systemically important banks in the world. His vast knowledge and experience in the finance and fintech sectors makes him the perfect addition to our team, and we are very proud to have him with  us.”

Accelerating market expansion and growth

PayRetailers experienced unprecedented growth of over 500% during 2020, which led to the need for the development of new business areas and to deal with more complex business decisions.

With his experience in the sector, Lopez will help PayRetailers with the challenges it is facing in  the light of this growth. One of the main areas will be the expansion of PayRetailers’ global reach.

That means, increasing the global merchant number and expansion into more verticals. With the expansion process, there come challenges related to financial and technological scalability, which Lopez can perfectly advise the company on.

The next step is to increase the number of local payment partners and  financial institutions in the partner portfolio and streamline the process to include them into the companies’ payment services.

This will help its merchants and their customers to have a seamless payment experience.

Due to his excellent knowledge of the banking sector, Lopez can help PayRetailers with the management of the rising complexities in the FX arena, that comes with doing business on multiple continents with many currencies.

Another area that Lopez is perfectly positioned to help PayRetailers is increasing the customer base of global merchants across different verticals. This will be key to the global expansion plan of the company.

An associated challenge would be financial and technological scalability to match the expansion roadmap, along with increasing the number of local partners and financial institutions through the global growth journey.

Javier Lopez has had an impressive career of 17 years at General Electric (GE) where he filled multiple positions, such as Finance Manager, Chief  Financial Officer, Member of the Board and Head of Financial Planning and Analysis.

Before leaving GE, he was responsible for the management of multiple businesses with $6 billion in assets.

He then switched to Standard Chartered Bank as Head of Finance, where he oversaw over $1 billion in regulatory spending. Before starting at PayRetailers he worked at ID Finance as the Group CFO.

At PayRetailers, his vast knowledge of the banking sector will come in very handy. He will further develop the company’s strategy for strong expansion and form partnerships with institutions around the globe, mainly in LATAM and EMEA.

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