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Relum powers up partners’ success with its customizable zero-code Jackpot tool

Thursday, 16 March 2023

Relum, a rapidly growing B2B online casino engine, shares the details about its Jackpot tool. It is meant to significantly boost the business performance of Relum's partners by concentrating on retention metrics necessary for stable long-term success. 

The Relum Jackpot tool offers both local and network jackpots, giving operators the freedom to create stimulating promotions customizable to their specific needs for new player acquisition marketing, retention, and reactivation campaigns.

One of the most significant advantages of the Jackpot tool is its variety of customizable zero-code opportunities, which allow operators versatility to manage jackpot campaigns with no programming proficiency required. The code is generated easily and published to partners’ websites. One of the most prominent features is the jackpot widget. The widget gets real-time updates on the Jackpot size, creating an immersive and engaging visualization for players. It's also fully adjustable to match the operator's website design, giving it a seamless appearance.

The Jackpot tool offers both single and community winning options, allowing players to win big either individually or as part of a group. This option is entirely flexible too, so partners can choose the number of winners and how the pot will be distributed between them. This flexibility makes the Jackpot tool a powerful driver of player lifetime value, which is essential for long-term success in the online casino industry.

Relum's extensive portfolio of over 14,000 games from the industry's best content providers ensures that partners can create jackpots across all available games and providers with no limitations, creating an agile approach to acquisition and retention marketing. The Jackpot tool's hassle-free integration with the Relum platform ensures a data-driven approach to reporting, providing an advanced multi-vertical analysis (by Game, by Partner, by Provider) for content management and revenue optimization 24/7.

Relum's Jackpot is a powerful solution that is essential for long-term commercial and operational success and is a must-have for any online casino operator looking to Power Up their Success across multiple geographic markets.

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