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SEO Sites - an Important part of your SEO strategy

Thursday, 5 November 2020

SEO Sites can assist you in supporting your SEO strategy because securing high rankings in search engines and protecting your brand and reputation is a tough challenge. Traditional tips for improving your SEO: · Use search keywords relevant to your business and engage in keyword advertising for critical keywords · Optimize your website using keyword-based page titles, meta tags and strategic search phrases on pages · Make sure your content is of high quality and relevance to your visitors · Promote and share your content on many social channels · Recycle your content by rewriting it into videos, blogs and podcasts Even though we are not providing SEO services for our clients, we possess professional expertise in the field. Based on that, we see these recommendations as legit and useful, even though they are more general in nature. However, often it is not enough. That is why Internet Vikings has a perfect solution that helps to achieve high product search visibility through link building. Those bespoke SEO Sites – Content sites and Brand Protection sites. Content Sites Firstly, Content Sites. Those are high-quality SEO sites on expired SEO Domain Names, given unique and relevant content, but with the only purpose of providing your main site with link power. The greater the incoming link juice to your main site is, the better the ranking will turn out. Therefore, at Internet Vikings, we have specialized in finding quality domain names in terms of link power. We recycle them by building sites with new, relevant content that matches both your purpose and the previous history of the domain name. In this way, you get the benefits of already existing link power to support your company and reach a better ranking on search engines. Brand Protection Secondly, Brand Protection Sites. These SEO Sites are used to minimize the possibility for affiliates to gain traffic from your product-related keywords on search engines. The Brand Protection Sites work as a link destination for the Content Sites. They can be used to prevent affiliates from taking advantage of your brand name on search engines. Because, by using your product-related keywords, affiliates can gain ranking positions at your expense. Why Internet Vikings? To sum up, choosing Internet Vikings SEO Sites as a part of your strategy you can expect custom solutions, high quality and top-notch customer care. By using our services, you can outrank competitors and affiliates on product related keywords and secure several positions on the first page of search engines.

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