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Slotegrators Interview with Gaming Developer BGaming

Monday, 10 August 2020

To learn more about innovative game developer BGaming, we met up with the company’s Project Manager, Julia Alekseeva. The interview took place before the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a worldwide pandemic, when the number of confirmed cases was still approaching 3000, which is why our conversation only covers BGaming and other crucial topics related to the iGaming world, where the ambitious and very promising game provider has already joined the race and even begun influencing the rest of the field. While BGaming was founded in 2018, the company can hardly be called a newcomer to the iGaming market, as its founders are a group of successful developers with truly profound knowledge of the gambling sphere. Despite BGaming’s relatively recent inception, the company took off rapidly, owing to the fact that BGaming was one of the very first developers to start creating its products based on blockchain technology. As a matter of fact, the developer’s games have not only found their audience but also helped create a huge wave of popularity for blockchain on the iGaming scene. The game content supplier’s repertoire also includes premium-quality graphics and highly exciting sound effects, both of which complement each other perfectly. To ease any suspicions players might have and keep their interest piqued, BGaming introduced the Provable Fairness feature, an algorithm allowing players to test the transparency of a game’s result and mechanics. It is no surprise that in a world where openness, trust, and honesty are becoming top priorities, such a brave step has not gone unnoticed. In the interview with Slotegrator, BGaming Project Manager Julia Alekseeva answered all of our questions on behalf of the company, sharing the BGaming team’s vision for the industry and slot creation expertise. ABOUT THE COMPANY The first thing that drew our attention to BGaming is the team’s confidence in its chosen path and its own strengths. Could you walk us through how the company has come to such a clear understanding of its confidence? And how would you describe BGaming’s road to the pinnacle of the industry? We are quite certain of what we are doing indeed: in our strengths as well as in our chosen path. There are several factors conducive to such a statement: our accumulated experience in the field of game creation, the positive dynamics of our brand development, and our previous achievements as part of another project. Having got plenty of positive feedback from players at the beginning and, so to speak, during the experimental stages, we decided it would be the most appropriate time to start our own project, entirely focused on developing ideally balanced game content. In our case, the balance is based on the perfect combination of mathematics and gameplay. Your website says “we’re not innovators, we’re game changers.” Are you changing the game itself or its rules? Tell us more about BGaming’s approach to game development. The contemporary world is super dynamic. The pace of life and people's consciousness are changing rapidly. Players are no exception. They want more huge wins, and that is what we provide them with! We create and improve many, many classic game elements, we understand the current industry trends, and we develop slots keeping the future in mind. We develop slots for future generations that will have got used to the top quality and balance of PC games. Foresight and a great understanding of trends are definitely the key to game content development. Yet another point, according to your website, is that BGaming sticks to the approach “Every idea starts with a problem.” Doesn’t it seem to you that sometimes the moment comes when it is worth seeking inspiration not from problems but in pursuit of pure iGaming art? We’ve got huge accumulated potential with regard to creativity! We feel it clearly and know that we are able to share it with the whole world, which, to a certain extent, works for us as a source of inspiration as well. Besides that, we are ambitious enough to create genuinely unique games. Also, we have the strength and desire to set the tone for the iGaming industry. Is this pure inspiration and motivation? GAME CONTENT Standing out in a market so saturated with gaming products and services is a real victory. From your perspective, what aspect of the gambling sector has enabled BGaming to start making waves and creating industry trends? You can create a large number of iGaming products with plenty of different features, outstanding and appealingly intricate, but players are always our top priority: they are the ones who make the choice. That is why a game must be transparent and inspire players’ trust in the first place. In the end, this trust is the basis of players’ organic love of the products from BGaming. And, of course, any player, on a subconscious level, can feel how much positive creative energy our entire team puts into the production. Indeed, that organic love and trust on the players’ part are connected to each other. It looks like now’s the time to talk about your Provable Fairness feature. The idea sounds self-explanatory, but what is the ideology behind it? The term speaks for itself. We are transparent and open to our players: they have a chance to not only enjoy a game and win but get a deeper understanding of how a game is designed and how it operates. I would even say it’s like diving into the mechanism of an intricately designed watch to twist all of those hands and cogwheels on their own. This is an important element of trust that without question makes players even more loyal to our products. How is that loyalty nurtured? What should players be provided with to enjoy a game to the fullest extent possible? It is very important to keep the right game balance. Mathematics is the basis. However, the audio-visual aspect may increase the audience’s interest in a game’s mathematics, and this is the crucial secret — synergy among all of the game parts. As we’ve heard, the right balance is tightly connected to quality. How about quantity? Quality is at the top of all. In the market, there are already more than 300 game developers that produce a large number of games, bad ones as well as copies of them. We want to develop the best slots we can — and we're more than capable of some truly stunning creations. Like cooking a delicious dish, it takes time, but then one wants to eat the dish often, over and over again. Essentially, you should not spend too much time on preparation, so we use the most advanced technologies and methods of creating games to release our products strictly by the fixed date. ABOUT THE INDUSTRY The industry is constantly changing and rapidly evolving. What are some of the tools used by iGaming industry leaders? Which changes can you describe as significant? The industry’s key changes have to be monitored and analyzed. As an example, the appearance and further development of the Megaways feature greatly influenced the industry. In the end, this feature gave birth to a whole new generation of slots. Among the leaders will be those who invest in research and development, who seek a new twist and a line of evolution in gambling. Let’s take as another example the Scarab game with the completely new pace of the game consisting of 10 spins. Also, additional ways of attracting players are still being kept in place. The Daily Drop slot from Red Tiger is a serious step in the evolution of the industry. We should bear in mind that we are now talking about steps taken by the industry’s leaders. We are also in the process of developing some new solutions which are set to be presented in the near future. The future starts now. What prospects for further growth have BGaming defined? The duality of gambling, operator and player, makes us explore and produce products for B2B and B2C businesses simultaneously. The player takes priority. If they play, operators are happy. Of course, we should not forget about the ideal balance between players’ wins and operators’ income. This year, we have a fresh, contemporary take on some classic games, and we have already come up with a few new themes and mathematical models. Game themes are quite an interesting topic. Given the tremendous number of products that are already on the market, how do you invent a theme that will be exceptional? Such things like creative brainstorming and inspiration, sometimes, lead to new themes. Take, for instance, the Journey Flirt slot. It’s not enough just to wish, you have to make yourself search for something new — this is exactly what our job is. Once you are in the right mood, a theme just comes to your head as a plain idea, and then the crew makes a professional product of it. Speaking of products, what would the ideal game be like? From our perspective, this is a lot like where a player clicks on the Start button and wins A HUGE WIN, having placed a wager of €20!!! With the multiplier of x50000!!! Joking apart, players are attracted to not the ideal but the unordinary and interesting and then curiosity and excitement make a game a new hit. The ideal game is a hit. In general, it is important to follow all the industry trends and to be able to implement them quickly, to test them live. A panacea is a “timeless” game with a life cycle of 5 years or even longer. On the market, there are some such examples. If some games are timeless, then what is missing from the iGaming shelf? And what would BGaming prefer the industry to look like? We would like to see a fast-moving iGaming industry full of new challenges where the needs and wants of the players themselves would be the top priority. Where players win more, operators go by the book regarding social responsibility, and game content suppliers are creative and not trying to copy each other. A strong, consistent, and growing industry with new markets. It may look like an ideal world, but we reckon that such a future is not far off — and BGaming will be taking the most prominent spot. Integrate all of BGaming’s fantastic games and more than 5000 other slots from the world’s leading game developers into online casinos in a single, seamless session with the unified protocol APIgrator. Contact Slotegrator managers to get a commercial offer.

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