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Spinola Gaming launches initiative for state run operators to get digital

Monday, 16 March 2020

Spinola Gaming is taking lotteries online for governments, state run operators and public/private partnerships (PPP) in emerging markets without the need for any change in their land-based operations. As more and more governments regulate their markets, Spinola Gaming, the lottery solutions provider, has been working on delivering digital solutions to provide a new wave of opportunities for businesses in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the South Pacific who have traditionally operated in a paper environment. The company’s solutions can integrate both digital and retail operations such as POS and in-store digital billboards, resulting in seamless lottery management solutions that bridge the gap between land-based and online operations. “It’s been a topic for quite some time, but operators in various global markets are now facing a serious challenge to digitalise their products and start selling online in an effort to take advantage of new market opportunities that mobile brings,” said CEO Ade Repcenko “Due to the uptake in mobile transactions, especially in younger generations and in emerging markets, lottery operations across many parts of the globe are seeing the need to add online to their offering or fear losing out on a younger generation of players who traditionally don’t play lotteries or even frequent the outlets where such lotteries are sold.” By utilising Spinola Gaming’s industry leading lottery solutions, operators can now compete for a player base that has shifted online over the last decade, with the added bonus of new marketing opportunities to reach and engage with players they have never been able to reach before. “Another major advantage to operators is that they get more insight into their players, their habits and preferences which enables them to become more targeted and effective in their marketing, produce more sales with less marketing spend, and communicate special promotions and offers directly to their players, something which is very hard to do when operating through retail-only channels,” continued Repcenko. Importantly, Spinola Gaming can get operators online and marketing their lotteries in a very short period of time and at very low entry costs, with Repcenko emphasising how easy it is for paper businesses to become fully fledged online operators using Spinola Gaming’s proprietary software, Connex, the industry’s most powerful leading online lottery management system. “Once regulated, the industry moves forward at lightning pace, so operators need to pick the partner that can get them to market first,” he concluded.

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