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Spinola Gaming to enter LATAM and Asia with adapted range of lottery solutions

Friday, 10 January 2020

After a year of development, innovation, and big contract signings in Africa for Spinola Gaming, the lottery solutions provider has announced an updated range of products in preparation for upcoming contract signings in LATAM and Asia. Spinola Gaming will enter LATAM and Asia this year armed with an updated range of lottery solutions specifically adapted for the characteristics of emerging markets. Following a strong 12 months in Africa, the company has been fine tuning its products to suit the needs of existing operators in such markets, offering digital solutions to operators that have traditionally got by on a paper-based system. Throughout 2019, Spinola Gaming’s solutions have been integrating both digital and retail operations in Africa, resulting in seamless lottery management that has bridged the gap between land-based and online operations. This has not gone unnoticed by operators in LATAM and Asia, with Spinola Gaming securing contracts for 2020 to start the year as strongly as it left off. “We are very excited to announce we will be entering the LATAM and Asian markets in 2020,” commented Ade Repcenko, CEO of Spinola Gaming. “These markets show huge potential for immediate exponential growth over the coming years due to the sheer size of the market and their appetite for high-scale jackpots, their adoption to smart phones, making player access to mobile higher than ever before. The now widespread availability of 4G improves our ability to deliver high quality, high jackpot solutions to these markets.” After massively expanding its global reach over the last 12 months, Spinola Gaming’s offer of fast time to market and low cost to entry has appealed to governments in emerging markets, who are now seeing the value in creating their own standardised lotteries to eliminate black markets. The low stake, large jackpot nature of lotteries has long been popular in many jurisdictions across Africa, LATAM and Asia, but a lack of internet access and retail solutions has limited operators in what they can offer to players. With the rise of smartphones and 4G, this is quickly changing. Employing specially adapted solutions from Spinola Gaming, operators in emerging markets can now give their players more ways to play the lottery than ever before, making it easier for them to buy a ticket, and easier to see if they’ve won. Along with sophisticated player management tools, fully customisable templates and a wide range of game content, Spinola Gaming allows operators to easily manage their promotion and bonus campaigns through a robust, secure and scalable back office that handles all aspects of day to day operations, including payments and a live editor suite. For land-based outlets, the company provides full retail management, from ​POS and terminals to interactive billboards that further promote the games. As 2020 begins, Spinola Gaming has already made a strong impression in the jurisdictions that will shape the global lottery landscape over the next decade, providing operators with specially adapted solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of the world’s fast-emerging markets.

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