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The Better Process Company Sponsor The Ned Ludd Memorial Trophy

Monday, 26 October 2020

The Better Process Company is pleased to announce they are sponsoring the inaugural Ned Ludd Memorial Trophy. The Award There are a great number of awards in iGaming that recognize excellence over the past year in platform innovation, marketing, game design, affiliate marketing and just being a cool place to work. This award isn’t like that... The Ned Ludd Memorial Trophy is not about looking at what has been changed or achieved in 2020, it is about rewarding those who have the greatest need to change in 2021. The trophy will be awarded to the person, team, group or organization in iGaming or Fintech who have the biggest need for a change in how they operate in 2021, those whose processes need the most improvement, who really need to do better. Who need to stop fighting the alligators and drain the swamp of inefficiency. The Better Process Company is dedicated to making teams more efficient and effective - making them better - and are proud to be associated with an award for business process improvement. Nominations You can nominate yourself, your team, even your entire company, or perhaps there’s that team you work with that you wished could be better. Nominations close at Midnight CET (GMT +1) on November 3rd 2020 Prize The winner will be announced on November 7th at 16:00 CET (GMt +1). They will receive the beautiful Ned Ludd Memorial Trophy (pictured below) and a £50 Amazon gift card. There will also be a £50 Amazon gift card for the person who nominated them. History - Who was Ned Ludd? The details are somewhat lost to time, but we do know that Ludd was a weaver from Anstey, near Leicester, England. In 1779, either after being whipped for idleness or after being taunted by local youths, he smashed two knitting frames in what was described as a "fit of passion". This story is traceable to an article in The Nottingham Review on 20 December 1811, but there is no independent evidence of its truth. News of the incident spread, and whenever frames were sabotaged, people would jokingly say "Ned Ludd did it". By 1812, organised frame-breakers became known as Luddites, using the name King Ludd or Captain Ludd for their mythical leader. Letters and proclamations were signed by "Ned Ludd".1 To this day the term Luddite is used to describe someone who refuses to accept progress or change. Terms & Conditions The Better Process Company reserves the right to cancel this slightly ridiculous contest at any time. The winner will be chosen by representatives of The Better Process Company. The selection committee (of one) will not be influenced by buying tables at the awards ceremony, sponsorship of our events or any other financial incentive. A bottle of gin might work though.(Aviation or Chase Extra Dry please) The prize and trophy will be sent to the winner as soon as possible after they have won. Pandemic and the Spanish postal system permitting. The Better Process Company reserves the right not to send the trophy if you reside somewhere weird. Like Antarctica, The Falkland Islands or Bolton. In that event the trophy will probably be substituted for a bunch of flowers or a potted triffid.

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