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The Malta Chamber welcomes new member Julian Goffin.

Friday, 24 June 2022

The Malta Chamber welcomes new member Julian Goffin.

Meet Julian, CEO and Executive Director of Finductive Ltd. Having been part of the company since its inception, the company is now entering its 3rd year and is growing from strength to strength thanks to the directors’ vision behind the dream to modernise banking and payments!

Julian Goffin is a commercially minded payments expert with vast knowledge and experience in business development, corporate business solutions, payments, and forex. His ability to engage with clients and build strong and lasting relationships with them is an integral part of his achievements to date.  

With over two decades of experience in relevant industry sectors, Julian is a true visionary and continually strives to take ideas and make them a reality. His enthusiasm for work and life is contagious, he continually inspires and coaches his team encouraging them to be the best version of themselves both professionally and in their personal life.

The Chamber Welcomes is part of the onboarding process of new members of The Malta Chamber.

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