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The secret garden of Easter Fortune by SYNOT Games

Thursday, 14 April 2022

What treasures hide in the green of lush meadows? Why, wonders abound  for the city dweller. Traffic replaced by leisurely grazing, bird  chirrup instead of sirens waling. Peace and quiet all around…

But  what was that? Creatures with floppy ears and fuzzy rears, munching on  veggies and greens. Fluffy chicks and furry sheep hiding behind Momma  Hen in the corner of the backyard pen.

“Off you go now! No more dilly-dallying on my watch,” your peace and quiet interrupted by our Hodge.

Follow  the fluttering wings of iridescent butterflies and the shimmer of  eggshells among the freshly cut grass. Fill your basket to the brim,  choose one of each out of whim.

A 5x3 video slot of this Easter  eggstravaganza to wake you up from your winter slumber. Welcome spring  in proper fashion and discover eggcellent Bonuses in abundance.

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