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UltraPlay’s CMO Joined a Diversity and Inclusion Panel Discussion for International Women’s Day

Monday, 8 March 2021

The Hipther Agency invited UltraPlay’s CMO Lyubomira Petrova to join the panel discussion dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion on International Women’s Day. The session was held between  11:30 AM – 12:30 AM CET (Central European Time) and moderated by Vilija  Buteniene – COO and Co-founder at Insoftia

The panelists of this session were:

  • Kamile Kliukiene – COO at Reaching For Zero

  • Lyubomira Petrova – Chief Marketing Officer at UltraPlay

  • Lee-Ann Johnstone – CEO & Founder at AffiliateINSIDER

  • Ieva Kukeviciene – CEO at Simplanova

  • Lynn Mounzer – Gender Expert, Ph.D. in Female Entrepreneurship in MENA

The panelists share their approach, best practices, programs, the relationship between innovations and D&I, the impact the pandemic has made on D&I initiatives, recent research on D&I, and more.

Lyubomira Petrova expressed her experience in and outside the company by giving some examples of her current position as Chief Marketing Officer and her understanding of how Diversity and Inclusion practices should be implemented in a business environment.

Being diverse means recognizing, valuing, and taking account of people’s different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experiences. It is also about using those differences to create cohesion and an effective workforce.

The gambling industry is lagging behind diversity and inclusion, especially when it comes to women’s representation in C-level positions and the Board of directors. Also, if we look at the conference’s agenda, we can say that this change started happening in the last few years. Before  that women representation in the gambling conferences was really low.

We  should be grateful and support initiatives in our industry such as Global Gaming Women, All-in-Diversity, which are doing regular meetup, or simply social media initiatives, that remind all of us that there is a challenge to be solved and we have to think about it, more importantly, act in some way about it.

At UltraPlay we make sure each and every person at the company is  supported no matter the background, which also reflects in how people do  their job, what is their commitment to the company’s business, our clients, and the internal initiatives we regularly do. We have constantly supported a wide variety of initiatives, but I must say that COVID-19 accelerated our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

All delegates expressed their hopes for the future in terms of Diversity and Inclusion.

Petrova  shares that her hopes for the future are not related only to the gambling or gaming industry, but in general – most importantly these stereotypes fall apart starting from the top but also embraced by all levels within the organizations, governments, and all parts of the social and economic life.

Organizations with a strong voice in the gambling industry should give priority to such initiatives and discussions in their conference’ agendas.

You can watch the entire discussion here.

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