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WorldMatch Fall 2022 Releases

Friday, 9 December 2022

WorldMatch springs into fall with absolute novelties.

After the great success with the SlotBar® brand products, WorldMatch  is ready to re-launch an evergreen from the past online. We have created  something that was never seen before in the world of online gaming, two  instant games that perfectly recreate a 70s pinball.

MoonFlight, the first pinball was released in collaboration with Zaccaria, the 3rd largest manufacturer of pinball machines in the world.

The second one is completely designed by WorldMatch, Cyber She. In  this instant there’s a new mother nature. She’s hauntingly echoing to  the few survivors, to reform a new society. After the ecological  disaster, Cyber She is coming to the rescue.

From a dystopian future to the middle east, Abu’s Bazaar will take the players from stall to stall, right into an ethnic market.  The genie will be the players’ guide and will help them win wonderful  treasures.

Lucky Dragon is our first slot released in  partnership with BDM. The slot features an expanding wild, scatters and  bonus games. It creates the perfect Asian themed slot and keeps the  player captivated.

Queens’ Crown is released again in partnership with BDM and joins the stunning SlotBar’s portfolio.

Finally, Baking for Santa is WorldMatch’s Christmas  slot. A classic slot filled with bonuses and intriguing ways to win. The  product offers 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 bet ways.

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