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Betsson Group Affiliates

Profitable Online iGaming Affiliate Program

Profitable Online iGaming Affiliate Program

Betsson Group Affiliates is the exclusive online affiliate program that takes the core of traditional business and combines it with the best practices of the dynamic and profitable online gaming industry. 

We offer the help needed to our affiliates in order to build a profitable and growing business-partnership. 

We keep ourselves updated regularly on the latest payment methods, legal issues, plus industry news to keep our partners always informed and up to date. Our security and integrity in dealing with players and affiliates is second to none. We provide honest, accurate and in-depth statistics for your traffic in real-time. 

We make sure your targets are achievable and realistic. We want all of our affiliates to be a successful part of the very profitable online gaming industry and with us, you can be sure that the opportunities to earn regular income are maximized.