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ibd Gaming sat down with the newly appointed CEO of Golden Rock Studios to ask him a few questions about his new role and what it means for Golden Rock.

1. Have you always worked in this industry. What got you into the iGaming world?

I started working in the iGaming industry in 2010 when I joined IGT, after a decade working in the Banking industry. IGT gave me the chance to feel at home in an industry doing something I really enjoyed with my career. The iGaming industry is fast paced and full of innovation, coupled with the opportunity to work alongside some truly inspirational people, I couldn’t imagine working outside this industry ever again.

2. Has the CEO role always been a target of yours?

I wouldn’t say it was a specific target of mine, I have always been ambitious and always took the opportunity to progress up the career ladder. I have enjoyed the journey so far with Golden Rock and its a place where I truly feel at home, we have put together a really strong and motivated team and its a pleasure leading the way. I enjoy managing and leading people to get the best out of themselves, drawing upon some great experience I have gained during my career helping to create a vision for the business and ultimately keep pushing Golden Rock Studios on to bigger and better success.

3. Do you have any plans for the company, is there anything you want to implement now you have been appointed CEO?

The future plan is simply BAU for Golden Rock, I will continue to steer the company in the right direction, we have been working hard as a team over the past year to get ourselves positioned so that we only produce high quality content and make sure this content is made available in as many regions and markets as possible.

I am lucky to have such a strong team of committed people around me and we are all pulling in the same direction which is really important to ensure we grow as a business and indeed as the team expands with new staff.

4. What can we expect from Golden Rock Studios moving forwards?

The best really is yet to come for Golden Rock! With the majority of our new style content due to be released in the coming months, the shift from our old style to the new style content is evident already, even if not live to the masses yet. We also have new distribution channels opening up imminently, as well as our first game going live in the exciting USA market and to help give ourselves a platform to build from away from relying on aggregators, we have also partnered up with Caleta Gaming which will give us give us the ability to compete for the long term in this increasingly busy iGaming industry by allowing us to plug our games into operators directly, choosing which markets and product features work best.

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