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An accumulator, commonly known as an "acca", is a type of bet that combines multiple individual bets into one. In an accumulator, the bettor selects two or more outcomes they want to wager on and combines them into a single bet. The winnings from the first bet are automatically rolled over to the next bet, and this continues until all bets in the accumulator have been resolved, either by winning or losing.

Accumulators can be used in various types of betting, including sports betting and horse racing. They offer the chance for bettors to win large sums of money from relatively small stakes, as the odds of each individual bet are combined to create higher overall odds. However, accumulators can be riskier than single bets, as the failure of any one bet in the accumulator will result in the entire bet being lost.

Despite their risk, accumulators are a popular form of betting due to the potentially large payouts they can offer. Many bookmakers offer special promotions and bonuses for accumulators, which can further increase the potential winnings. As with all forms of betting, it is important for bettors to gamble responsibly and only risk what they can afford to lose.

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