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Symplify links up with LVC Diamond to enhance its CRM strategy

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Symplify, market leaders in CRM and AI cloud solutions, has linked up with online casino operator LVC (Las Vegas Casino) Diamond to enhance its CRM strategy.


LVC Diamond’s standout brands are and which have risen to become two of the premiere online casino sites in the Hungarian market. Symplify is working with and to enhance its CRM capability and will be integrating its Mail, SMS and Push-package.


Symplify’s CRM expertise will enable to nurture meaningful relationships with its customers by harnessing the full potential of its multichannel engagement strategies. Segmentation and personalised responses will form a core element and can be managed from a single platform.


The powerful Campaign and Journey builder from Symplify will ensure and builds on its momentum by improving customer engagement through optimising user journeys through its CRM and On-site Optimisation. Symplify’s advanced approach will help optimise’s marketing spend and consolidate customer sentiment.


Symplify’s CEO Robert Kimber said: "LVC Diamond’s and brand has rightly dominated the Hungarian market and we cannot wait to see the positive impact we can bring from our CRM prowess. Together we’ll be able to showcase’s complete offering and ensure its customers are getting the most from their gaming experiences.”


LVC Diamond’s Development Manager, Marton Bakki said: “Since launching within the Hungarian market we have relentlessly worked to enhance and diversify our offering to meet customer demand. With Symplify onboard we can better engage with our audience and serve them with exactly what they want, when they want.”

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