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1xBet - Part Of The Action At The CONMEBOL World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Now, during the South American qualifying matches for the FIFA 2022 World Cup, spectators will be able to see the famous 1xBet betting company on LED boards. 

The world-renowned brand will have a presence in the arenas starting from the fall of 2021. Throughout 50 qualifying matches, the best South American footballers will play with the support of the industry leader.

“We are happy to conclude an agreement. 1xBet has been steadily increasing its presence in Latin America and the whole of South America in recent years. We have had experience sponsoring Brazilian Serie A and Serie B, and last year we got a license to work in Mexico.

Now we will try to let the fans of world-famous teams and players see that 1xBet supports the best. There are many exciting activities ahead of the fans, including, for example, special bets on World Cup qualifiers and unique offers so that fans can show their emotions and win with their teams,” 1xBet said.

The company is convinced that the South American market is one of the most interesting, both in the short and long term. Football is the passion of hundreds of millions of people on the continent. The Brazilian national team has 5 world titles, the national teams of Argentina and Uruguay have two each - these teams are always among the favourites in the world championships. Moreover, football is developing very rapidly in other countries, among which Colombia and Chile stand out.

Thus, the signing of an agreement that enables the brand to be represented in the qualifying matches is a logical step towards further strengthening its position in the market. There are many more pleasant events ahead for South American football fans - and 1xBet will help fill the fans' lives with the brightest emotions!

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