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Beautifully Volatile: The GameArt Touch

Thursday, 2 April 2020

If you like living on the edge, you probably love high volatility slots. Sure, not everyone has the nerves needed to keep focused through the often long periods of low wins, but when those big ones come, they can be well worth the wait! And, right now there are some highly compelling high volatility slots out there. Let’s take a look at three from GameArt - a provider that is rapidly gaining a reputation for refreshingly different takes on classic themes, and as the name suggests, beautifully rich visually experiences. Rediscover lost ancient knowledge in Book of Alchemy: We’ll begin with the latest release, Book of Alchemy. Ok, so the Merlinesque wizard theme isn’t all that novel, but open up this slot and you’ll immediately be transported to a mysterious and enchanted world of ancient secrets – all bathed in that trademark GameArt neon glow. Join the archaic magician Remlin in his laboratory, as he tries to rediscover the lost secrets of alchemy. Start spinning and you’ll begin to notice the attention to detail and quirkiness that make GameArt titles so unique; the horizontally spinning reels full of intricately detailed, vibrantly coloured symbols; the animated glass vials at each side of the reels, that trigger special features when they match; and the levitating golden cauldron, flanked by animated candles. And, GameArt don’t just craft beautiful slots, nope, they also pack them full of genuinely interesting features and bonuses. Play Book of Alchemy and you’ll experience Free Spins, Stacked Wilds, up to 50x Multipliers, Locked Wilds, Respins, and Connect Wilds… no two games are ever the same. Book of Alchemy is also the first GameArt title to feature the new ‘Buy Bonus’ feature, giving you guaranteed access to special bonuses – well, it can’t help to give luck a helping hand now and then can it. Experience an Arabian Adventure in Azrabah Wishes: Next, join Nidal on a quest for riches and the beautiful Jaslyn, in Azrabah Wishes – a slot that has already gone down in gaming history, smashing records and creating millionaires. At just one casino, the ever-popular Bitcoin gaming mecca BitStarz, in 2019 one lucky player landed over $2.4 million on this game, while others hit it big with $720K and $752K wins. Its won’t be a surprise to learn that Azrabah Wishes catapulted to the top of BitStarz’ “Most Played” list! So, what makes this slot so enticing? Let’s jump aboard the flying carpet and find out! A 50-line, highly volatile slot that takes an age old tale that we all know and love, and adds a splash of shiny cyberpunk style to create an entirely new universe, Azrabah Wishes can only be described as ‘captivating.’ Experience the majestic splendour of Azrabah - a high-tech, golden desert megalopolis and reels adorned with skateboarding tigers, driving monkeys and, of course, a magic lamp containing Jinni. Azrabah Wishes comes fully loaded with a Bonus Wheel, free spins, expanding and sticky wilds, multipliers, super and mega multipliers and a bonus gamble game. Combining engaging gameplay with a genuinely fresh take on a classic theme, Azrabah Wishes is a sure fire way to brighten even the dullest of days. Earth, Fire, Ice & Dragons! Join the Dragon Whisperer: Finally, get ready to enter a wonderful world of flying beasts in Dragon Whisperer. This 25-line slot is a bright and playful take on another all-time favourite theme, dragons. Everyone loves dragons, right? I mean, they are basically flying dinosaurs… but with fire! Anyway, this is another title that showcases GameArt’s attention to detail and visual style. From the intricately detailed symbols, to the animated background elements and dragons that fly across the reels – this game will have you spinning the reels just to appreciate the pretty colours. But, cute as these dragons may be, they also pack a winning punch, getting up close and personal during Free Spins. Earth Dragon flies over the reels collecting Wilds – the dragon eggs symbol. If he manages to snag 3 or more, he’ll return and randomly drop them over the reels on the next spin. Fire Dragon, as you’ve probably guesses, flies across the reels and torches them – moving them one symbol higher for the next spin. Meanwhile, when the Ice Dragon does a fly-by, he’ll freeze Wilds in place for the remaining spins. But, that’s not all. GameArt like to ensure things never get samey, so they’ve also added a Bonus Reel featuring multipliers – from 1 to 10 in the base game, and from 1 to 10 plus 20x in the Free Spins. I could go on, but its probably better if you just try it for yourself! If you still haven’t experienced the unique magic of GameArt slots, find out what you’ve been missing with these great titles, and many more, today.

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