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BlueOcean Gaming Announces Exclusive GameArt Release: Fury Penguins

Tuesday, 30 January 2024

We are always thrilled to introduce new and exciting deals and this time we are presenting an exclusive game release Fury Penguins developed by GameArt.


Together with our partner Gameart, we arranged an exclusive deal, a brand-new crash game designed and developed for our client network only. The game will be released on the 31st of January 2024, a week before the prominent online casino event ICE London 2024.


BlueOcean Gaming, alongside partner GameArt, will showcase Fury Penguins at booth N8-320 during the ICE London 2024 event, offering attendees an exclusive insight into this thrilling addition to our extensive portfolio.


What sets Fury Penguins apart is its exclusivity to BlueOcean Gaming clients. This presents a unique opportunity for our partners to captivate their players with a game that's not only innovative but also limited to our network.


Therefore, dear operators, seize the opportunity to promote this thrilling game to your players and maximize the excitement & profit!


About Fury Penguins

This GameArt’s exacting crash game takes your players to the freezing Antarctic world, where furious penguins avoid prying orcas during their swim. Will luck be on your side? Remember, the longer you swim, the greater the win!


Designed for fast-paced game lovers, the game is both simple and enjoyable. Fury Penguins invites you to place your bets before each expedition. Your goal is to amass your winnings before the looming orca whale makes its move, threatening to feast on your penguins.


The rules are simple:

1. Set your bet before the penguins jump in the water.

2. Watch the penguins swim and the multiplier increase.

3. Cash out before the orca swallows the penguins.

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