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BtoBet - World Cup Betting Report Highlights Opportunities To Heighten Player Engagement

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Leading sportsbook supplier BtoBet, has published its latest Industry Report focusing on the upcoming World Cup which will be a unique sports event from a number of perspectives.

Not only will this be the first World Cup to be hosted in the Middle East, but for the first time in tournament history this major event will take place during winter time, with leagues around the world taking a winter break allowing the national teams to take part in this prestigious tournament.

These unique set of circumstances will feature back-to-back sports events which will also characterise the post-tournament phase, with domestic leagues resuming after only a handful of days after the Final takes place.

What this does is create a unique opportunity for bookmakers to acquire players and retain their engagement post-tournament by providing a content offering and betting products which are scalable beyond the World Cup.

BtoBet’s “World Cup Betting Focus” also analyses bookmakers’ needs and requirements to leverage the landscape the unique events surrounding this year’s tournament, and how to increase the ARPU by heightening player engagement during and in the post-tournament phase.

The report focuses particularly on the need for bookmakers to:

  • Have a solid pre-match and live offering

  • Maximise the stacking of matches

  • Provide a localised World Cup offering to fill the gaps between events

  • Have at their disposal data-driven tools to maximise player engagement

BtoBet’s “World Cup Betting Focus” is available for free and can be accessed on

Want to get in-depth information regarding the upcoming World Cup’s opportunities? Get in touch with our experts on

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