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BtoBet Partner With Captain Up To Gamify Sportsbetting And Casino

Friday, 16 April 2021

Leading sportsbook and gaming platform provider BtoBet announced a new partnership with Captain Up – award winning cloud based gamification platform

Through this partnership BtoBet, part of Aspire Global, will allow operators to maximize customer activity and loyalty – using gamification, behavioral psychology and social tools. Captain Up is  offering new experiences, enriching the journey with challenges, missions, tournaments, jackpots, leaderboards, personal promotions, smart bonuses, and progressive rewards amongst many more.

Operators will be able to create scheduled targeted campaigns, segmented according to user behaviour, matching rewards and bonuses with various parameters such as category, channel or brand.

“Regulatory developments highlight the need for innovation and creativity, circumventing the difficult use of bonuses. We are  empowering brands with personal gamified marketing tools, adhering to the dynamic regulatory guidelines. Not only are gamification tools essential from a player retention and engagement perspective, but they are also morphing the industry into a more social environment. It is slowly but surely breaking the dogma that the iGaming industry is not a  socially engaging environment,” said Uri Admon, Chief Executive Officer, Captain Up.

“Today’s betting and gambling environment are increasingly focused on heightening the player experience. Gamification is an essential cog in  the wheel of what I deem to be a complex philosophy in product design and user engagement. I am confident that Captain Up’s product portfolio will help our partners build a competitive edge in terms of player loyalty and engagement,” said Sabrina Soldà, Chief Marketing Officer, BtoBet.

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