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Extending The Reach: Why Finding The Right Platform Provider Is Key

Friday, 26 February 2021

For iGaming industry suppliers, choosing the right platform partners is key to ensuring your content reaches the widest range of different operators, explained Ivan Piorischin, Product owner at Soft2Bet.

But with so many platforms to choose from now, how can companies ensure that they pick the right one? According to Ivan, working with B2B providers can provide a ‘cost effective’ alternative to direct  integration with B2C operators, something which he noted can often be very disruptive.

He said: “For suppliers, choosing the right platform provider is a great way to get your content in front of a range of top operators, often with a single plug-in. To significantly extend the reach of your games, platform providers represent a speedier and more cost-effective option than the alternative – multiple direct integrations.

“A good platform provider will facilitate that integration to the fullest possible extent, providing the licences and certifications required to get your content live in a variety of different markets.

“For smaller studios in particular, therefore, on-boarding the right platform providers is a fantastic way of maximising brand exposure, and testing out which jurisdictions your content performs most strongly in.”

Developing the right casino platform to appease regulatory demands and embrace the broadest range of content available doesn’t come without its challenges though, as various elements can require attention simultaneously - especially when it comes to relying on third party suppliers.

Piorischin continued: “Launching a high-quality product in a short period of time is always a challenge, particularly when there are so many elements beyond your control.

“Reliance on third-party suppliers, for example, can cause delays and disruption, as can unforeseen regulatory developments and sudden changes to the global economy such as those caused by the coronavirus.

“In an iGaming market that has  become saturated with a constant influx of new products, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. With a cutting-edge sportsbook and casino platform of peerless quality, however, that’s exactly what we do.”

So, we’ve looked at it from the perspective of onboarding content, but how does Soft2Bet stand out for its growing stable of operators? Ivan believes that it has been able to deliver on requirements for ‘nearly all’ operators out there through a combination of ‘diverse’ content and usership analytics.

This, the product owner explained, has led to increased retention among customers - with the company now boasting a player base of more than 10,000 in Europe alone.

“With more than 60 world-class game developers now integrated, Soft2Bet’s platform offers a diverse variety of premium quality content,” he continued.

“Add  in the 50+ payment providers we have on board, and it’s clear that ours is a platform which can deliver on the requirements of nearly every operator out there.

“Our powerful reporting engine providers clients with detailed usership analytics, and the platform showcases impressive geographical flexibility, with multi-currency and multilingual options tailored to players across over 40 different countries.

“With a configurable bonus system helping to ramp up  customer retention, it’s no surprise that our platform boasts a current player count of 100,000+ in Europe alone.”

Looking ahead to the product roadmap for 2021, Soft2Bet has unveiled new plans which promise to ensure that ‘punters are fully catered for at every stage of the customer life cycle’.

Piorischin concluded: “Our new customer retention tool will be a must-have for operators, and our enhanced anti-fraud, AML and Responsible Gaming procedures will give Soft2Bet’s compliance credentials a further boost.

“Our advanced player segmentation will help clients to reach their target market with a new level of precision, and our integrated CRM system ensures that punters are fully catered for at every stage of the customer life cycle.

“Add  a revamped VIP program and an ultrafast payments connection engine to the list, and it’s clear that our platform is set to go from strength to  strength!”

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