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Ezugi Unveils Its New Brand Identity – Contemporary, Fresh, and Competitive

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

After almost 10 years in the live casino space, Ezugi has today unveiled its new brand identity. Kfir Kugler, Ezugi CEO, comments on what this means for the company moving forward, and the importance  of data and innovation in remaining competitive in the market.

Ezugi has been introducing significant changes and is now ready to reveal its new brand identity. The first step focuses on its visual identity, generating a new logo and slogan to be synonymous with Ezugi’s company values. Ezugi is part of the Evolution Group and was acquired back in  2018. It has increased Evolution’s geographic footprint and helped to accelerate its growth in key markets. For Ezugi, it has meant that streaming quality, speed, and user experience have all been enhanced to the next level.

Known for its bold and agile approach to live gaming, the rebrand is in recognition of the need to always stay contemporary and competitive in the present gambling market. Ezugi’s aim is to highlight its sharpness of vision when it comes to launching fresh ideas – the new  slogan ‘Smart Move’ reflects Ezugi’s product portfolio and ethos of providing innovative localised content. It is never about ‘one size fits all’ at Ezugi, but rather about creating sophisticated content with a ‘first-to-market’ mentality.

As a live casino solutions provider, Ezugi has used cutting-edge innovation to become a unique and dominant influence in the market. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has forged a reputation as a significant force in creating best-in-breed localised content. Now operating 12 studios with over 20 different game types and partnering  with more than 200 operators spanning the globe, Ezugi understands the needs of clients wishing to enter new territories. It provides key  understandings of cultural differences and tailors products to bring a local flavour and ensure success for its operators.

When establishing new territories, Ezugi is committed to compliance  and expanding its presence in regulated markets. Its systems have been built to support safe gaming standards and these processes are constantly reviewed to ensure they comply with all regulatory measures. Live gaming is about trust and Ezugi understands that to build a foundation for a successful business and long-lasting partnerships, integrity is key. After pioneering in some regulated markets such as New  Jersey and South Africa, as well as a wide footprint in EU regulations like Romania, Belgium, Hungary and Bulgaria as well as Curaçao – Ezugi has also secured several new certifications in the last 18 months  including: Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, IoM, Bulgaria,  Colombia, Argentina and MGA (Recognition Notice).

“We have come a long way from where we were almost 10 years ago, when  the company was founded. Today, we offer an extensive suite of live casino games and numerous innovative solutions. 

Our visual identity should reflect all those changes and all the hard work of our creative  minds. We have a new ‘smart’ look, but our mission will always remain the same – to give our customers an advantage over the competition through data and innovation,” said Kfir Kugler, CEO of Ezugi.

With its new logo design, Ezugi has capitalised on its always live  mentality – 24/7 open tables, 24/7 support, and 24/7 gaming opportunities. Operators will have noticed the addition of a distinctive  red streaming live dot. The second and final step of the corporate rebranding will feature a brand-new website and user-orientated customer portal.

“It has always been in Ezugi’s DNA to provide the best service to its customers and their players,” Kugler continues. “With the second-stage branding introduction of a new website and portal, Ezugi clients will benefit hugely from the user-friendly structure and our efforts to create a modern client area  to meet their needs,”

More information will be announced as the rebranding efforts continue.

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