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GameArt partners with CompetitionLabs

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

CompetitionLabs and GameArt announced an exciting new agreement. GameArt, with their portfolio of games such as African Sunset 2 and Piggy Holmes and cross-platform reach, will use CompetitionLabs’ industry-leading gamification platform, offering operators compelling new player experiences. Customers of CompetitionLabs’ platform benefit from real-time leaderboards and achievements, with the ability to rapidly prototype new rules and scoring mechanics, accelerating the pace of innovation. CompetitionLabs is the result of decades of experience in the iGaming business and built with the needs of product managers, commercial leads and marketing teams in mind. Almir Kudic, Head of Commercials at GameArt, commented: “Our clients trust us to deliver the highest quality products on the market and gamification is a crucial ingredient in today’s highly competitive environment. We are confident CompetitionLabs’ platform will improve the efficiency of our development process, allowing us to continue providing ever more engaging games that players genuinely love.” Julian Steinwender, CompetitionLabs CPO, had this to say: “Everyone at CompetitionLabs loves games and GameArts are some of the best. We feel excited to be able to bring some gamification magic to an impressive portfolio.”

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