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Get a slice of this explosive cotton candy adrenaline ride with Sweet Dream from SYNOT Games

Friday, 4 November 2022

Are you ready for an Xtreme sugar adventure? Get dropped off at the summit of Cake Mountain and glide down on strawberry and vanilla icing. Feel the sugar rush through your blood vessels in this cross-confectionary trip!

Collect clusters of insane amounts of jelly, candy cane, lollies and more. Feel the pressure yet? We’re still not done!

Call the police ‘cause we have an order of donuts that take you to the next level. But enough of the sugar coating. Watch out for savage rainbow cupcakes! One is enoughto turn everything to dust and the more you collect, the stronger they get.

Welcome to the Sweet Dream Xtreme sugar off-road adventure!

A 7x5 video slot of an extreme sports event in a bubbly candy land that jiggles your jelly belly with a generous portion of adrenaline rush.


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